Pre Match. West Brom vs Liverpool. EPL. Sunday 16th May.16.30

Once more with feeling.
If Kabak is fit he is only change for Rhys. Tough on Rhys but Kabak is a bit pacier.
Sadio has another day on bench, bit of humility required after his strop tonight.

A win here makes the last week a real cliffhanger at the end of a lousy bad season.


I would also play Milner in place of Wijnaldum. Gini looked out of breath in the second half.


He wasn’t the only one, judging by the match thread.


West Brom - our last bogey team. Fat Sam - probably Klopps least favorite manager to play against.

We have such a bad record against them.

And I know - they have nothing to play for anymore but against Sam you know there is nothing for free.


Would be so great to win this one too and then lean back and see what happens in the Chelsea - Leicester Game.


The boys have their confidence back.!
Score early and put them to the sword…
4-0… Jota hat-trick and Robbo’s first goal this season

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I remember the days when hit cricket scores against this lot, if we create and finish as well on Sunday as we did tonight I’m sure we will be fine.

One thing I’ve noted is if they go 2-0 they just shut off.

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Thiago and Fabinho in double pivot role and Shaqiri as an advance midfielder.
Then rock it.

I’d be getting all 4 of the front line on the pitch.

If available Ozan and Milly in.

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I agree plus I would play Jones over Wijnaldum, we could use some extra creativity and direct forward play to beat that WB bus.


Biggest game of the season, the equivalent of a cup final for us. Throw every cliche in the book at this one, we need to be fully motivated. None of the permutations on the other threads matter unless we win.



What do we know about Ozzy’s fitness? Seems like a game that’s tailor made for Milly.

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WBA team news by WhoScored:

  • Ainsley Maitland-Niles is back available for West Brom after he missed out against parent club Arsenal last time out.
  • Robert Snodrass and Branislav Ivanovic both miss out for the Baggies, with the latter unlikely to play again for the club following their relegation.
  • Sam Allardyce may revert to a back five for the welcome of Liverpool, with Dara O’Shea stepping into the side.

Mane and Ozan to start if the latter is fit. Mane will be on fire and full of energy.
They will park the bus. We score first and will open them up. 0-3 Reds

Fixed it for you


This one is about scoring and preferably early and then hitting them again as they open up.

It’s the reason why we didn’t win in December on the start at that horrible run. Maybe the stars align and this is kind of the end of that period. Though the way we played last night for 50-60 minutes would suggest it’s passed.

They tried to sit back against Arsenal but they hit them twice quickly and they never were able to fully get back into it and this was after Arsenal had slipped out of Europe and were looking shambolic not the Arsenal that beat Chelsea last week

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Fabinho in midfield, my only line up ask and preference!


Yup, I’m glad Klopp stuck with that even though his temptation must have been to drop Fabinho back. I assume Milner would have been a reasoning not to but now I think he recognises he has to play Fabinho in MF.

To me it adds a third defender at times allowing Robbo and TAA to push without leaving as many gaps. Where I think you lose that if you drop him back.

If you had Hendo available then I think you have the option but without Hendo you need to have Fabinho in the middle, I also think it’s improved Thiago.


Any news on Milner and Kabak?

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