Pre-Match | West Ham v Liverpool | PL Match Day 11 | Sunday November 7th 16:30h | London Stadium

In before some German Red, you welcome!

Last away game on Sunday at 16:30 was decent for us, lets make this a habit.

At kickoff we will already know what our competitors have accomplished, not that it matters, lets just take care of our own business.

Imo Bobby will most likely not play, he went directly to the changing rooms when he was substituted. Naby still injured, Joe injured. No idea on Milner. Jones should be fine but I don’t think he will start.

My Lineup


TAA    Konate   VVD    Tsimikas

     Thiago    Fab    Hendo

      Salah    Jota    Mane

Mo needs to start scoring again, its been 2 game dry spell now and he’s only at a goal a game.
Our form over the last 5 games has been so average that I had to double check, DDWWD, so 1.8 points per game which is not close to good enough, even though we are second in the table (not that it matters at this stage).

A solid win with a clean sheet would be perfect, so 0-3. Show these hammers that this part of the table belongs to Liverpool and title pretenders are not welcome here.


We’ve been better away from home though. It’s our home form which has let us down (Mostly to do with not being able to win against Brentford and Brighton)


I think if we combine both of this, I won’t say being second at this stage doesn’t matter. Despite our recent results in the league, we are still second after 10 games, which usually is a good predicament of how the final table will shape up. You don’t win the league at this stage, but you could very well be out of it. Given our midfield mini crises, I am okay with how we stand currently. Thiago and Fabinho returning is huge and hopefully we’ll see off this international break after this game without any more injuries.

I’ll go with the same line up as against Atleti, no reason for dropping anyone. Robbo will be made to work his ass off for the internationals I presume, so a nice long rest before that won’t harm him. Our players who played 90 may not have been that tired yesterday, so we can still get the likes of Fab and Matip to start.

DEJA! :astonished:
0-3 !!!

We have to win a few games in the league now to made up for the 4 draws we had.

But tbh I am not very confident going into this. Not even sure why but it’s not because of our injuries.

Will be another physical test but hey we survived Atletico :grimacing:

What I hate most about this is that it is once again the Sunday evening game before the international break.

So maybe I am not afraid about the game or the opponent but because of the feeling I might have for the next two weeks if we don’t win.

Surely I am not the only one. Feeling like you have to throw up but it doesn’t happen throughout the international break.


I’m going to this.
Got my mates mate season ticket as he can’t make it.

Take it ox and firmino are out. Might take my boots in case I’m needed.


West ham have a game in Europe tonight. They already have 3 wins so will probably rest some but clubs like West Ham aren’t used to playing twice a week and it often shows.
We have a good record at their gaff and I expect that to continue. If we play to our highest level we win, simple as that.
Midfield and attack pretty much pick themselves for this one. I expect Robbo to be back but wont be disappointed if the excellent Tsimikas gets another start and I see no reason to break up the VVD/Matip partnership.
Also this will be the 25th PL game since Michael Oliver reffed us. Dean, Pawson and Taylor have all had 3 or 4 in that time. We generally get fairly treated by Oliver. Just saying…


Brentford was away.


Fab , Hendo , Thiago … ahhh

We normally put this lot firmly in their place when they begin to get ideas above their station. Fully expect that to be the case again on Sunday.


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If Moyes had swerved Utd and gone to Europe and failed we would be talking about him in the same vein as Potter, Rodgers etc. Decent home grown managers a step up from Alardyce and Pulis etc.
He has West Ham playing decent football and their place in the table isnt false.

We need to be on our game, go at them from the start and keep the shape in midfield.
Fabinho back is an immense boost for us.

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I’m pretty sure Matip keeps his place for this one.

We’ll see what we do at LB, wouldn’t surprise me if Robbo came back, but maybe, just maybe Tsimi get another start.

We’ll see who starts alongside Fabinho and Hendo. Could be Ox again, could be Jones.

Up top, we possibly have a decision between Bobby and Jota. Hopefully nothing is wrong with Bobby and Mane.

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I prefer Bobby to sit out and not go to Brazil.


Awkward one this one

First time I say this…

Smash 'em, they’re shit.

The whole lot of them + that stadium + that Greenstreet movie for kids.


Klopp stated that Bobby’s done a hamstring - that’ll be a good 3-4 weeks then. Will miss the internationals.

WHU are playing some great football. They will not be a pushover by any stretch. They are at home so will need to attack us. Given our away form, we will definitely carve some chances out, if we can control midfield. We will have most of the ball, and West Ham will look to use their wingers and Antonio to counter.

Fabinho is going to be crucial for this game in controlling the midfield. If he starts, I think we will win. Here’s hoping that he also doesn’t have to much game time during the International break. Casimero seems to always be ahead of him which suits me.

I’d go with a largely unchanged starting 11

Trent Matip Virgil Robbo
Hendo Fab Ox
Salah Jota Mane

Hopefully Jones is back on the bench given we know Naby and Milner will be out. Expect Thiago to be on the bench but you never know - he may well start. Klopp said Ox was a minor knock - hopefully it stays that way. He needs the game time and rhythm. He played well last night.

I would have no issue with Tsimikas going again at left back, however I suspect that Robbo will start. Would be fine with Ibou starting as he’s a tank and quick, but Joel would be my preference for his ball carrying and reading of the game. Plus he’ll be getting a long break during the itnernational break - suspect Ibou will be with the France U21s.


Konate is now too old to get selected for France U21’s.

So as far as international football goes, it’s either France or Mali(?) next for him, if he ever gets there.

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Please not Mali!


Mane loves scoring against West Ham. In to these bubble blowing bastards.

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We had some really good performances/wins at that ground, I can only remember one game we didn’t win, that in 2019 when it was a draw and City started to catch us (Leicester 1-1 at home was a key point).

Hoping for more of the same, if we match the effort and don’t do any stupid things in defence/set-pieces, we should be too good, too fast and too clinical for them.

Smash them. They’re shit.