Pre Match | Wolves vs Liverpool | Monday 15th 20:00|

So all this premier league negativity can fuck right off.

In the words of Klopp this week “We will never give up on the Premier League”. As a club we have overcome far bigger obstacles, continued to fight when all seemed lost. I want to see this team work hard, fight and remind the league why they fear us. No more excuses, no feeling sorry for ourselves.

Letting start winning again so we can rightly claim our spot in the CL.


A few jet lagged training sessions before this one, we will be ready!
All I can wonder is who will be our CB partnership, intrigueing stuff, will Klopp stay with Kabak and Nat leaving Fabs free to run amok in midfield?
Of course the big headache for Klopp will be if Bobby is fit and then who to play up front. I mean we won a game at home in a far away land now we travel down some motorways to the joyless west midlands. What a conundrum.
1-3 to us?

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Same eleven go again in my opinion. Then send them on home to rest for a week before prepping for the final push.


I say we start Keita and take him off around 30 mins, claim some fitness issue and keep him away from NT duties.


Same eleven as against red bull in midweek if no injuries.


TAA Phillips Kabak Robbo

Thiago Fab Gini

  Mo Jota Mane

Come on lads!!!


Players who need a rest (ordered by importance)

  • Fabinho (the greatest good we have right now)

  • Gini/Robbo - played too many minutes and will play many minutes for their NTs

  • Jota just came back from injury

  • maybe Trent

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If we give Fabinho and Gini a rest, which three out of

Thiago, Milner, Jones, Keita and Ox would you start and who would do the holding role?

Our next game isn’t for another 18 days after this, no need to rest anyone.

Same again probably. I’d be happy to see Tsimikas start this, he pocketed Traore in the EL last year and Robbo needs some competition. Doubt it will happen though.


Robbo is going to be playing three internationals whether we like it or not, so I think Tsimikas is a must.

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So we spare Robertson so that he is fresh for Scotland duties???

Scotland won’t rest him. We could play him out of bloody-mindedness and risk him then getting an injury. Scotland are not going to look after his fitness for our benefit.


Thiago, obviously. Possibly the only one of that lot who can do it. Another option would be to flip to a double-six.


Fabinho and Thiago along side Keita or Curtis.

Monday will give us a better idea of how good Leipzig really , have we turned a corner or were we let play unlike in the premier league. Same 11 please.

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Personally I don’t think we can afford to rest anybody right now.

Get a decent lead and then make subs on 60 mins


Could do with a rest but have to start in my opinion

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The same lineup as against Leipzig, it is only 10 more matches, we should play our best available team.





Ref is Craig Pawson who was mysteriously removed from the Chelsea match and replaced by … :rage:

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Just wondering who is on international duty after this game. Are the Brazilians still travelling or is that now off? A few of these players will have a fair old time to rest before the next game.

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The side that started against Leipzig is the best we can field for now. Only the senior centre backs and Hendo would improve it.

We have compromised the whole side by playing Fabinho in defence. We are far better having decent centre backs like Phillips and Kabak there, doing the basics right, and let the full backs, midfield and forwards be the best they can be.

Bobby does not perform some magical purpose that only football experts can see. At his very best, two years ago, he did a false 9 job perfectly, leading the press, creating space for Mane and Salah, creating chances, and contributing double figures goals to the tally for the season.

He now does none of those things, and whilst Jota’s injury meant Bobby was still used over the winter, Klopp’s loyalty to Bobby now would be a slap in the face for meritocracy.

Our best forward line is now Jota, Mane and Salah. Each of those players is mobile, each can play all three forward positions, so can switch during a match. To have Bobby ambling around, doing an occasional fancy flick, would be very frustrating. Even Origi looked more dynamic off the bench the other night than Bobby has looked all season.

Injuries permitting, if our go to side is the one from Wednesday, with a bit of rotation when necessary during intense sequences, and clever substitutions, we have an outside chance of top four, and a reasonable chance in the CL.

But if the manager starts reverting back to safe and cautious approaches like Bobby always starting, and Fabinho back in defence, we’ll not achieve much.

Injuries have hit us this season, biased officiating too. But we’ve not used the available players we have as best we could have.

Wednesday night was a glimpse of what could be, let’s hope that Klopp sees it.


The Brazilians aren’t going anywhere. But I have no clue about the rest.