PreGame | Liverpool - Everton | PL Matchday 23 | Monday February 13th 20:00h | Anfield

Hate Monday night games and hate the fact that we won’t play for 9 more days for the chance to make things right but maybe it means that we will have some senior players back.

It’s the Derby at Anfield - might be the best and last occasion to turn this awful season around.

I don’t pretend to know what’s the tactical solution but our backline needs protection by two deep lying midfielders.

Hoping for VvD to return and wondering who of Bobby or Diogo is closer. And what’s up with Ibou?

Please stay on topic. We have enough threads to discuss (the lack of) transfers and the owners.




From what Klopp said yesterday, I think only Jota might have a chance of being involved in some capacity, because it’s expected that he’s back in full training that week. The others, not for this one. But we’ll hear more on Friday and then possible surprises until Monday.

Gonna be a tough one, I’m hoping for no new injuries. Been a while since we had a derby that’s more or less on the same level.


Bobby, Virgil and Ibou haven’t been out for as long as Jota has been.

While Diogo might need around 10 full sessions with the team the others could feature with 4 or 5.

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It is a brave soul that is opening this thread :0)

Did the Wolves one too. This might be my last PL thread ever for the season :face_holding_back_tears:

I think I might start a poll on who will be the scapegoat after this match. Naby and Gomez are the early favourites…

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Really doubt either of them will start.

They could not be in the squad, yet still be blamed by some if we lose.


At least we’re at home.

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there’s also TAA and Hendo… or Robo, Gapko? Salah? I would say the betting is wide open!

Time to go 4/4/2 with Keita Thiago, Henderson and Milner in midfield, bring in Phillips for Trent and Mo and Darwin scoring the goals.we are winning this one.

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Oh shit! when WAS the last time we lost to these at home?

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With Kabak and Hendo at the back :upside_down_face:

Just goes to show how terrible we have become.

Thiago has been particularly useless these last 4 games and Salah is the biggest waste of space I have ever witnessed on a football pitch. In my time I have seen a good number of really useless players on the pitch, some in my kids youth team all those years ago spring to mind. At least we aren’t losing 11-0 which should give some of our defenders some respite, no?

Feb 2021 :rage:
Liverpool 0-2 Everton: Toffees secure first Anfield win since 1999 - BBC Sport

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Alisson Mabaya Koumetio Phillips Beck Corness Stephenson Frauendorf Nunez Gakpo

Lineups which won’t happen #1

Matip Fabinho Gomez
Milner Hendo Bajcetic Robbo
Salah Nunez

That structure with 6 of those players in those positions did happen, without the ball against Brighton in the first half of the league 3-0 defeat.

Looked terrible.