PreMatch | Arsenal vs Liverpool | Sunday February 4th 16:30

On to the next one i guess.

Results, form and the fact that we have a week to prepare for Burnley after this one makes it very difficult to predict a lineup.

I’ll try anyway

Bradley Konate VvD Gomez
Szoboszlai MacAllister Jones
Jota Gakpo Diaz



You are taking the piss anrn’t you …

Bradley x11 or Ali + Bradley x10.

Nothing else will do!!

Anyone paying attention knows that this lot are actually shite and struggle to score against half decent defenses.

Biggest call will be Bradley vs TAA. Bradley is playing out of his mind right now and you’d hate to halt that momentum, on the other hand he’s a young lad being integrated into the senior squad, you don’t want to risk burning him out or getting him seriously injured. Tough call.

Same front three as tonight please. Have a feeling Nunez will terrorize their back four leaving Diaz and Jota to feast.

Reds to win 4-0 and for Arteta to announce that he actually IS leaving for Barca. AFTV goes into meltdown.



Oh, and Ty to blame it on the rain.

Premier League Football GIF by AFTV

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Oh God, not the Library again! I think Arsenal will be tougher game. They are come in form and are rearing to go too.

I hope we have the heavy metal football again on Sunday.


It’ll be the same as the FA Cup tie. If we weather the early storm and shush the library, we will come through undefeated at minimum.


I think same team if there are no injuries.

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Understand the tiredness aspect but for me Bradley starts and so does Gomez, Conor had Martinelli in his pocket when he came on and Jo has dealt well with Saka.

Nullify them and Arsenal have nothing else


There’s going to be some rotation to keep things fresh. Bradley with a MotM performance tonight, but imo Trent should come in.

Last thing we need is a Bajcetic situation with Conner. When Trent first came in, he was rotated with Joe Gomez,

If Alexis has picked up a knock and is not fit to start, then maybe both Trent and Bradley will both start.

Anyway, Arteta rarely rests his players, so a fresh line up from us will put them under pressure in the final 20 minutes.


I do agree on the Trent thing.

Klopp will probably change it up, then again it’s was hardly a knife edge match at the end.

Time for Robbo to return here I think.

I guess Trent might also, but we’ll see if he might be needed in midfield, if something’s wrong with Mac (hopefully not).

Didn’t like Diaz in the first half tonight, but didn’t like Gakpo’s cameo either. So probably start with the same front 3.

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If Bradley doesn’t play, he can’t come on Szobozslai’s head, and we all want that to happen again.

Must win match. Keeps pressure on Cheaty who only seem to crack when they have to chase and psychologically will knock Arsenal out of the ‘race’.

I’d like to see similar lineup but don’t think we can leave out both our main FBs if they are fit. Impossible to drop Bradley - unless he physically needs a breather - but wonder about bringing Andy back. Again unless some need resting, midfield and up front seem obvious. We have a week after this until burnley and this match is our toughest for about 5 weeks until Cheaty so it’s not a game to rest if anyone if that can be avoided.

Bradley Konate VvD Robbo
Szoboszlai MacAllister Jones
Jota Nunez Diaz

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Macallister took a little knock toward the end and played the full 90. We’ll need full throttle energy in midfield AND more threat from set pieces and corners than we had today, so I’d start Trent.

Bradley Konate Virgil Gomez
Szoboszlai Trent Jones
Jota Nunez Diaz

1-VI or thereabouts as my body is unclear!

You can see TAA and Robbo having some match fitness issues when they came on. Too soon to throw them in from the start, will be disastrous if they cannot contain the Arsenal attack which they will try to overwhelm in the first 15 minutes. Conor and Gomez can and will even hit back so I will go with the same team that thrash Chelshite


Every game from now on is a must win match, but this one even more than the others for the reasons that PRJ has mentioned.
Klopp suddenly has a real embarrassment of riches, especially at full back, and it will be a tricky juggle to keep the balance of the team.
Pretty confident after the last couple of games, but can we keep up that intensity for the rest of the season?

Not a must win for me but hope we get what we deserve and not get cheated on by the refs again.

Only 4 matches in the next 24 days. Good chance for recovery but hope it doesn’t destroy our form.

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From past experience you have to assume that Man City will not drop any more points this season.
Maybe they will, but you can’t rely on it.

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