PreMatch | Atlético Madrid - Liverpool | CL Match Day 3 | Tuesday October 19th 20:00 | Estadio Metropolitano

Salah v’s Suarez…

The two best fowards I’ve seen, Salah going full god mode in 21/22 and starting to eclipse Saurez in 13/14…

Klopp: I couldn’t respect more what they do. Do I like it? Not a lot, but that’s me. I like a different style of football. But it just has to be successful and Atletico have been that, for sure.

Klopp: Atletico are different because they play a different system, but they are still the results machine they were before. It’s incredible how Diego keeps them all on their toes. No criticism of that.

Klopp: Atletico aren’t the only team who play that way, but they have the best players and best manager. Like against Sevilla, it’s a proper proper fight. But Atletico have world class players. It’s completely fine, you have to face it and we will. It’s about winning football.

Klopp: We didn’t forget how bad we were at Atletico, and I’m pretty sure Atletico don’t forget how well we played at home. You have to be incredibly brave.

Jurgen with the wisdom…

We owe them… Smash them… They’re play acting defensive shite…


Jones will remain in Liverpool, only did the warm up with the team today, making steps towards full training hopefully before United.

Atletico have Savic suspended and Gimenez is a doubt, along with Llorente and Cunha. We’ll see if they’re involved and how much.

We owe these a fucking hiding.

So smash them, they’re fucking shit.


The team is in great form, no reason to worry for me. They’ll be stubborn but I don’t doubt we’ll find a way through.

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Want the win but a draw will do me. No injuries, no madness will do. Especially with United on the weekend, which will be a game of madness.

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Why the hell is GermanRed not opening this? it’s a travesty! It’s an unethical use of power! Won’t somebody please think of the children!

Fab for Milly, Ally for Kelly.



That’s not how you do it…

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I’ll take a scrappy 1-1 with no injuries all day.


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The thread only gets opened the day before. That’s a really bad omen. I need to turn round three times and throw salt at my wife now…


No need to go all out attack, best available eleven and don’t let the cheats score 0-0 would be fine.

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Are we going to see a masterclass in shithousery tomorrow?


Kind of tiresome now. And a bit unnecessary.

Anyway, Fabinho back and Allison in goal.
No changes aside Milner on the bench to get Fabinho playing.
A win here would be a serious statement at this point of the season, though a draw as @Dutch says would be an ok result.


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I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game.

COYR YNWA :nerd_face:


This will be an interesting game. I’m expecting as difficult a match as we will see all season until we reach the knockout stages of CL.


I wanted GermanRed as the thread starter

I hate this lot and hope we really do smash them. A win would put us in control of the group and make the rest of qualifying that much smoother.
The team is pretty obvious, don’t expect any major surprises.


Me Too!