PreMatch | Bournemouth vs Liverpool | Sunday January 21st 16:30h |

10 days break until this one. Will it break our rhythm or will it help to recharge battery for the available players.

Szoboszlai the only injured player to return for this one I guess. Expecting him to come on from bench.

Bradley Konate VvD Gomez
Elliott MacAllister Jones
Nunez Jota Diaz

Subs: Quansah, Gravenberch, Szoboszlai, Gakpo + some kids



11 days of torture, unless there are some pleasant surprises with the other PL games.

No torture for me.

We will remain top regardless :+1: In all 3 cups and a first leg win in one with 90 mins to the final.

Dom hasn’t been out long and with him back in training I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays.

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Not looking forward to this one at all, can we ask the League to postpone the game? It’s ridiculous we have to play this with about 4 senior players.

Back to 1-1 unless VVD pulls his socks up and then perhaps a 0-0?

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Let’s see what we have at that point.

Aye aye, more than likely we’ll be rocking with the same squad as tonight, if so then I’d like to see the team that finished the game tonight starting, only Ali in for Queef.

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I do think there will be a new signing there who’s in the bench though

Hopefully, we get through this month and a bit with no further injuries. We’re running short on wingbacks now.

You spelt “pointless arguing on TAN” wrong.




I disagree

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Bet you can’t say with what you disagree! :rofl:

Bournemouth will get a two-week break before this game. Have to watch out for the former Liverpool lad Solanke, he has scored eight in his last eight.

Is this satire?

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I’d be interested to see how Bradley would get on with this, particularly after missing last night’s match. I’m assuming that this is a game he could shine in?

Put it this way…once Kostas or Robbo are back, and as long as Trent is out, id rather Bradley play RB over Gomez given how well he’s performed over the last few games.

Edit: not a slight on Gomez, more that Bradley is quicker at getting forward and provides more in terms of offensive actions. With Matip out, Gomez might be needed at CB, so I’d be keen to protect him.

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Bradley didn’t miss the Fulham match.
He was Motm.

@RedWhippet missed the game…


I know

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