PreMatch | Brentford vs Liverpool | Saturday February 17th 12:30

This one is going to be tough. 12:30h kickoff not an argument because there is no game in midweek but our away record is still not good enough to win the league. Under Klopp we have a draw and a loss against them away from home so hope we come back with 3 points here.

? Konate vanDijk Robertson
MacAllister Endo Jones
Jota Nunez Diaz

Harvey has been so much better coming from bench. Mo is pushing hard to be ready for this one so I expect him to come on from bench.



Win ,It be five points advantage, Little bit of psychological pressure for the cheaters.

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Hope to see Bradley back for this one. It’s a very sensitive and personal matter, but it would be a fitting tribute.


1-1! :roll_eyes:
Would like to see Elliot, I think he deserves it, in there with Jones and Endo.
We really must stop playing the invisible men!


I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


Ali Gomez Konate Virgil Robbo Endo Mac Jones Salah Nunez Diaz

The Danish Southgate isn’t gonna make this a pretty watch with his negative approach so let’s sneak a 1-0 win and carry our momentum through to the cup final and beyond.

It’s very difficult to know who will or won’t be available for this. What is the recovery time for flu to be back to professional athlete fitness? I’d hope that Gomez and Alisson would be back in contention but I know myself that it can leave you struggling for weeks.

Does anyone know what the club policy is for flu vaccines? Do they encourage the players to get them or is it down to player discretion?

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It depends how bad the flu is, one strain of flu can affect people differently.

And as you say if they’ve had the vaccine it’s likely to be lesser than someone without.

6 goals conceded in our last two visits there. Hope they don’t exploit our recent little cracks in defence. Also, start the game much better than some we had lately. Play Mac in a position where he can have more influence than in the first half against Burnley where there was nowhere near enough control. Need to be really good in small spaces and also counter press well against their transition but especially defend their set-pieces.


Smash them. They’re mostly shit.


Is there any chance that we could manipulate the betting odds for a huge Brentford loss?

Just asking for a compulsive gambler…

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Alisson, Gomez and Bradley seem to be available for this game - they were spotted back at Kirkby today.


It’s amazing that Bradley is the one we need the most.


Strongest team possible. We can rest players in the mid week Luton match before the cup final.


Looks like someone else has been spotted today…^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1757410077823078674|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=


Who doesn’t love seeing Diogo Jota?

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Jota - “Hey you, what are you doing back here so soon” He says with a nervous look on his face.

Mo - “Ready to take your place in the line up me boy, you’ll be hearing more Mo Salahhhhh Salahhhhhhh chants from now on” He says with a massive grin on his face.

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Salah will take Jota’s place and Jota will take Diaz’s.



The beauty of our attacking line up is that they are all very different in how they go about attacking and scoring. We can all pick our preffered starting three generally, but it’s judged game by game.

Mo’s return simply means that one of Jota, Nunez and Diaz will be missing from the start, but they will be involved, and all have a part to play through the rest of the season.

Would be surprised if Mo starts this weekend. Expecting managed minutes.

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Yeah, they’re all needed.

Diaz has shown glimpses of form again, he’s finally on the verge of double figure in goals. But lately, I have more confidence in what Jota brings to the table, more consistently. Both have their different strengths and weaknesses.

We have a final soon, so that game might give us some answers.

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