PreMatch | Brentford vs Liverpool | Saturday February 17th 12:30

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That’s the beauty of rotation we have 2 games a week from now on in

Let’s face it a forward line with Salah, Diaz. Nunez and Jota any 3 will be fine.

Say this every time we have a full squad we need it because injuries and form play their part.


Anyhow have to say this has made me feel a bit better as I’ve been in bed all day with flu.


Gute Besserung!


we’ll unleash 4 forwards from now on, against all teams including that team referred to by the media as the :“champions”. As far as Brentford the 4th one will be Cody.

You just know that Mo will be agitating for a place in the starting eleven now he’s back in training.

At the risk of having my political views dissected again:

Bradley Konate VVD Robbo
Jones Endo Macca
Salah Darwin Jota

puts on tin helmet and retires to bunker


That selection really emphasises control from the centre, which has echoes of Maoist/Stalinist corruptions of revolutionary thinking - unlike systems with more decentralised ideals, as would be suggested by theorists like Kropotkin and Gramsci.


Would it be less militant if I put Darwin on the left and DJ through the middle?


Darwin = Evolution Theory, which is the antithesis of the bible-thumping, God-fearing right.

You couldn’t get more left wing if you tried!


It would be very nice to have the option and one on the bench. Our forwards have tended to be impact substitutions.

I’m hoping that Salah is back to full fitness. He has always been quite resilient but I wouldn’t want to push him too much after a lay-off. We probably need to be looking who could switch to the right after 60 minutes.

That wouldn’t work because then we would be way too focused on the right wing

Tough game for us - we dont seem to play that great here.

haha @Dutch

You will be busy on Saturday then?

Wow had no idea you were a fucking Nazi.

Trent is out for this.
All the clamour for young Bradley may be realised on Saturday.
Hope he continues his vein of form.

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Think it could be Gomez here and then possibly Bradley for Luton. Then decide for the final. I certainly don’t expect Bradley to get all starts while Trent is out.


So it is Dom, Trent, Thiago and then pretty much out of the season is Matip.

Assume Dom will be next back, Klopp’s diagnosis seemed better than the random one from Hungary and we haven’t seen Joyce or others mention him out.

I read somewhere that he’s out until after the Carabao final at least

That was the Hungarian press report.

Klopp’s comments last week suggested he had a chance for Luton and the Final.

Assume we will find out Friday.