PreMatch | Liverpool - Manchester City | PL Matchday 11 | Sunday October 16th 16:30h | Anfield

A point or three. A good performance. No injuries and maybe a clean sheet.

Hoping that our real season will start with this game



Start with a 5-5 formation and stifle the fucking shit out of them then on 80 minutes bring on Mo, Darwin and Bobby and win it 0-3. :grinning::grinning:


Give them a goal head start & we might, just might not concede first in this 1.

As far as the line up goes, pretty sure we’ll revert back to a 433 (narrow front 3)

Only big decision for me is whether Robbo gets back in…For me Kostas been playing well enough to keep his place.






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I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


I’m not sure I quite understand that.


I’m not sure he does.


I think he means before the Kick Off

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Basically means we’re gonna fuck them up.

Probably an easy win

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On current form, does Bobby at least make the squad?

i want us to rough them up and leave a long term mark.

Realistic prediction: they will crush us.

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Have a little joy in your LFC life for once.
We just won a game 7-1 and Mo scored a hat-trick.

Plenty of time to be miserable afterwards if we lose.


Lots of computations for this one. Not sure I can even guess at a lineup.

Ali, Joe…?

A win would be glorious.

We’ll win this, this is the way. In other news I can never remember the name of the masculine car from Back to the Future………

What ever happens, I just hope Virg remembers to take Haaland out of his back pocket after the game

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Not really looking forward to this one. I’m just hoping that it turns out more like the Charity Shield match rather than most of our Keystone Kops performances in the league so far.

I’d like to see Konate at the back for his physical presence. In fact, given that Gomez is probably going to be at RB it will have to be him and VVD.


Gomez Konate Van Dijk Robbo
Hendo Thiago
Elliott Firmino Jota


Two realistic options really:

Does Fabinho come back in for Nunez to make it 4-3-3.

Or do we continue with 4-4-2 with our remaining main 4 attackers.

I’d be tempted to go back to the 433 here:

Gomez Konate VVD Robbo
Hendo Fab Thiago
Salah Bobby Jota

Elliot is too raw for such a game, and Nunez too. Both could be useful as subs later in the game though.

The 442 is probably too open for an opponent like Abu Dhabi. We saw the other day how it backfired against Arsenal. And Salah and Jota need to be nearer to the opposing goal, not that much isolated on their respective flanks.