PreMatch | Liverpool vs Arsenal | PL Matchday 18 | Saturday December 23rd 17:30h | Anfield

Massive game but not the title decider.

Any chance for Diogo/Alexis to be on the bench for this one?

TAA Konate VvD Tsimikas
Szoboszlai Endo Jones
Salah Gakpo Diaz

Hope Anfield will be at its best.


Get well soon @RedWhippet but we can not wait until tomorrow. :kissing_heart:


Get rid of that PL Matchday 18 bollocks and you might get a 7/10


Nunez should definitely start from the left again. Diaz the option from the bench.


Gomez Konate Van Dijk Tsimikas
Soboszlai Arnold Jones
Salah Gakpo Nunez

Time to bite the bullet re Trent. Joe has been playing well. Diaz off form at the moment. Darwin offers more.


Really like that lineup. :+1:

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Thanks. That means a lot coming from you :wink:

I think Endo coming off early Klopp will be looking to start him against Arsenal so it’s a choice between Graverberch, Jones or Elliott and I’d go with Jones.

I think I’d stick with Nunez on the left. His second half deserved a goal.

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Endo isn’t the most mobile, but saying that he has been excellent at breaking up play and surprisingly good on the ball.


Yep, Gakpo added shape and Nunez looked just as dangerous on the left. My slight concern about Diaz (had it for a while) is that he runs teams ragged but rarely nails the final pass or finish. Suppose you could say similar for Nunez but at least he’s bagging assists.

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Mac won’t play in 2023, from what I understood. But should be back in one of the first games of 2024.

I’d be leaning towards benching Diaz and going with Gakpo and Nunez again. I know Nunez played the full game. If he’s able and can give us at least 60 minutes, I’d do it.

It would give us tactical flexibility of swapping their positions, if we need Nunez central or Gakpo.

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True, but we could have two other men coming back from injury. Yesterday, Lijnders mentioned Gravenberch was only fatigued and Jota was just “two or three days” away. Hopefully, both of them can make the bench at least (missing Diogo especially!).

Don’t think Jota will make it here. He said that the hamstring injury needs 2-3 extra days just to make sure it’s good, not that he’ll be back in 2-3 days.


Gomez Konate Virgil Kostas
Trent Endo Szobo
Salah Nunez

Actually no, Harvey deserves a start…would be incredibly harsh to leave him out. Maybe drop Endo for this one. Trent and Jones double pivot and Szobo Harvey in front.

Another dreary 1:1! :lying_face:

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Not interested in a draw.

Darwin is 100% going to score as I already have my in match comment locked and loaded.

Pretty decent line up,that!

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Gomez playing full 90 and Endo coming off tells me he will start Endo instead of Joey.

Add on ACDT and he’ll get a 9.5/10 :wink:

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Not convinced by Darwin but at least he’s got a bit more time on his side. Diaz is 27 and really should be producing more.

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Diaz has just been through an extremely stressful personal situation.

Give the guy a break.