PreMatch | Liverpool vs Aston Villa | Sunday September 3rd 14:00h

Home game before international break. Enough reasons to win this one.

All ‘Good Ebening’ jokes aside - Emery is proving to be a top class manager and he has a good squad. Not going to be easy for us.

Trent Matip Gomez Robertson
Szoboszlai Endo Mac Allister
Salah Nunez Jota



Hard to judge, thrashed by Newcastle but they beat Everton and Burnley with comfort it seems.

Tough game as always, VVD is likely to miss now, Konate toss up now, if he is playable then you’d expect Klopp will risk it with VVD out which he probably wouldn’t have if he had not.

Also depends on what the market says, anyhow I’d still pick Jota with Dias and Salah. But can totally understand if he goes with Nunez.

Same CM.

Hopefully the end result in this game comes a lot easier than the Newcastle game.

Don’t care as long as we win.


I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel,formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


Unleash the wrath of the Noon.

Ali Trent Gomez Matip Robbo Endo MacA Szobo Salah Nunez Diaz

Gonna be a tricky game seeing as we’re already having to play our 3rd and 4th choice CB’s but think we’ll have too much firepower for the Villa. 4-2 home win.

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That is all.



TAA has gone to fuck. Get Joey in and judge.

I’ve gone Cody as he is more a creator for Darwin rather than Diaz and Jota imo.

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No more red cards please

Given the last two, I don’t think that’s really up to us… :wink:


Win 2-1

Szobo to get red carded in the 15th min for dribbling past 3 players.

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The CB pairing is probably going to be the tricky one. I’d go for Matip-Gomez as well. I thought Joe had a decent enough game against Newcastle and Matip can be handy at set pieces at the other end.

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Don’t really have an option. Just ride our luck and hope for the best.


Well, it is rather Hobson’s choice at the moment. I thought Quansah did OK for the minutes he was on yesterday but I’d rather he got experience in the League Cup or Europa League rather than dropping him in at the deep end.


Gakpo on the left ahead of Diaz (or Jota) should be a sackable offence.


I’d shift to Trent full time in midfield now. There’s no point in weakening our right hand side in order to get some advantage later. Our team has a very good offensive lineup. Defensive stability is the need right now and that’s best served with 3 in the back. In case , Robbo gets the chance to go further up , Trent can temporarily slot himself in the back 3 during that transition if need be


Gomez Matip Robbo
Trent Endo
Dom. Mac
Mo Jota Diaz

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Just start the game with ten players and cut out the middleman.

Give him some more minutes off the bench. And possibly make him start against Luton/Sheffield later in the season.

We really do need a CB coming in. Matip has fallen off a deep cliff (although this performance was a 6.5/10)

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Reading this and it’s only matchday 4… :face_with_peeking_eye:

Going to be a rough season if we don’t bring in further defensive cover.

Phillips shouldn’t be sent out anywhere if there’s no new CB incoming. Crying shame for both us and the player. He needs to have regular football and we need an upgrade who can play regularly.

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