PreMatch | Liverpool vs Burnley | Saturday February 10th 15:00h

Time to start a new winning run, I guess.

5 days to prepare.

Endo should be back.

Hoping Dom and Salah will at least be on bench.

Doubt Conor will start but might help him to be back around the team.

Guess it will be

TAA Quansah VvD Robertson
Elliott MacAllister Jones
Nunez Jota Diaz



Thanks to a good friend I’ll be at Anfield for this one.

It’ll be my second time and last time there was 95th minute winner by Milner against Leicester and we went on to win the league.


Ali Bradley* Quansah Virgil Robbo Endo Szobo* Mac Jota Nunez Diaz

*Gomez for Bradley, *Harvey for Szobo if the pair are still unavailable.

10-0 or however many goals it’ll take to see Kompany sacked.

Classic “get-right” game, as the septics would say. Burnley are utter shite and if we don’t batter them 5-0 I want Klopp out.


I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


Yeah I guess we will see what happens with Salah and Dom.

Endo should be back and it will be up to where Bradley is at but I don’t expect him to be back until Brentford at least.

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Too much Schnaps for you :see_no_evil:

If Dom is back go with the same team that faced Chelsea. Quansah to fill in for Konate.

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JoGo JQ VVD Robbo
TAA Macca CJ
Lucho Darwin DJ

Please let’s start playing Trent in midfield!

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Fucking hell I hope you will never come within a hundred mile of whomever makes our lineups.

Joe Gomez will find himself having no one defending in front of him…

Obviously not, but maybe you could explain your objections in a non insulting way?

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Hmm, a lot to unpick there.
I don’t know how you got the idea that I have extreme left wing views. I am neither a communist, nor a socialist. I would describe myself as a social democrat if anything. I don’t know what extreme left wing things you think I have posted, and am confused by this characterisation.

But anyway, what on earth has that got to do with my suggested line up?

I haven’t picked the two Dutch guys you despise, I have suggested Trent in midfield, which is hardly a new idea. What is it about that selection that caused your extreme reaction? How is that a strange football vision?

We’re all pissed off after losing, I get that, and you may have had a beer or two, I don’t know, but although your gruff and grumpy persona is amusing up to a point, there are times when a bit of respect would not go amiss. We are, after all, all on the same side.

Finally, I do realise that English isn’t your first language, and there may be a level of cultural misunderstanding involved, no idea, but let’s try to get on.


Burnley will park the bus with two lines of four and look to get some direct balls going and support runners once they launch it. We’ll have most of the possession.

So need to create those overloads in midfield and in half spaces to pull them out of position.

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I would say score early and then score often :joy:

You can have that one free Jurgen.


Yep have to beat these without expending too much karmic energy/injuries etc.

We’ve got a run of cup finals now (not including the actual cup final!) up to the Cheaty game. Absolutely any dropped points mean we’re not going to win the title as far as I’m concerned. Only way we’re beating Cheaty is from ahead, we’re not going to reel them in of they hold anything more than a few points lead after the Anfield showdown.


Put this way we have to be ahead after that game. If we are we have a chance if not then I don’t think it’s likely.

Don’t care too much about energy being used we have about week break before Brentford hopefully Salah can be some way involved if not this then at Brentford.


Good omen. Enjoy your day. Remember to post a couple of pics here.

I have a suspicion your wish will be granted at season’s end regardless of the result!