PreMatch | Liverpool vs Crystal Palace | Sunday April 14th 14:00

Not sure what to write here after that Atalanta result.

Bradley Quansah VvD Robertson
Szoboszlai Endo MacAllister
Salah Nunez Diaz



This’ll be an eye opener…boot up the arses…

We’ll walk it, :eyes: :man_shrugging: :crossed_fingers:

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Back to full strength. Back to a competition we actually want to win and take seriously. Back to winning ways.

Team for Sunday

Gomez, Konate, VvD, Tsimi
Jones Endo Mac
Elliot, Darwin, Cody

They should have some familiarity now

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The players owe the fans a big performance in this one after that shitshow.

This needs to be a proper back to basics performance. Everything Liverpool is supposed to be about. Hard work, graft, respect for the opposition. They need to earn the right to play and then win it.

Zero complacency.


Play the kids.

I don’t want to see a single media puff piece on our website banging on about how we are going step up and deliver a great send off for Klopp.

Seen two pieces and we’ve put two performances in, one that was so so, one that was pathetic.

Couldn’t give a shit what side we play as long as they give 100%.

As I said only Gakpo and Jota deserve any credit or absolve from blame in this match.


I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


Smash them. They’re shit.




Jones again LMAO…

We’ll win this one.
And no, last night or Man United away was not when our run for the league has ended as I have read. It hasn’t, whatever happened to Liverpool fans, full support and hope.

I get that Atalanta at home was a big blow for everyone, especially the manner of the defeat, but the fact that we’ve had this season with a new midfield is still amazing and it depends also on the fans to keep up the fight. So please let’s all unite and get behind the team. We are still in an amazing position, I think we all would have taken it at the beginning of the year. Won 1 cup and we are second to Arsenal on GD.

Anyway on to the game… Palace have been horrible since the beginning of March.
3-0. Nunez and Jota


Take a flukey 1-0. Another mis-hit from Darwin that bounces in off Gomez arse


This game has lot more than the three points on offer. How we approach this game will have bearing on how the rest of the season pans out for us. If we let our shoulders drop, we will limp to a mediocre finish. If we summon back our passion and grit, there are still so much to be hopeful about.

Mentality Monsters, arise.


Hopefully we reset, look at what’s the best combination to start this game and react to last night.

And Anfield better realize that these are indeed Klopp’s final games here. If we’re not bothered to create an atmosphere while we’ll all cry our eyes out in a month, then something isn’t right.

Really need everyone to push as much as possible these last weeks, not only the players.


If we can put the ball in the net we should win it.

Hopefully Alisson is fit to return here.

Big boost to have some of our key players back.

Is Alison going to play up front?

I see us getting back on the bike on Sunday and winning comfortably.

Didn’t watch last nights game, but for those writing the tie off, I remember us also being down and out against a Barca side which still had Messi and Suarez.