PreMatch | Liverpool vs Luton Town | Wednesday February 21st 19:30h

Loved Harvey’s words about trying to put things right against Brentford and now I hope we do it against Luton too.

Because of injuries we have to make changes but since we have 30 hours more to prepare than Luton I hope we try to ‘rest’ some players, too.

Gomez Quansah VvD Robertson
Elliott Endo Gravenberch
Salah Gakpo Diaz

(I know that lineup is unlikely).



Wouldn’t say it’s unlikely at all. 3 of them will be forced. Gakpo Grav and Salah are the obvious choices.

We have a final 4 days later and considering it’s Luton at Anfield, I’d also bring in Quansah and Gomez but leave Harvey out for Mac. Probably even look to bring Kostas in for Robbo.

Kelleher Gomez Quansah Virgil Kostas Endo Mac Grav Salah Gakpo Diaz

We have a cup final at the weekend, but Luton’s cup final is on Wednesday night and they will play like it. No complacency. Any kind of win will do.

Bradley Konate Van Dijk Robbo
Mac Allister Gravenberch
Salah Gakpo Diaz

I think Jota looks bad, but hopefully Jones is just a twisted ankle and Nunez precautionary. But no need to risk them if they are struggling.


Won’t be making any team predictions.

Whatever 11 we can put out there.


Klopp saying jones and Jota don’t look good. Both left on crutches apparently, Jones in a protective boot and Jota a brace on his knee. Fantastic stuff.
Wouldn’t risk Nunez in this even if he’s fit.

I thought Jota would be serious.

Not good on Jones but sometimes they are ok, did he say anything on Darwin?

Edit: Just read, could be ok with that considering what had happened you wouldn’t risk even a niggle).

Fingers crossed on Jones. Got to hope Dom is closer than not.

I know there’s a cup final at the weekend, but more than anything we want to win the league. To do so we have to win every game. So I think Luton is equally as important. I’d start the best team available


We’ll probably go full strength for this one, as we have the FA Cup midweek after the Carabao Cup Final, where we should rotate.

I imagine Luton will be very aggressive, knowing our players may have one eye on the final. Don’t care about the performance. Just get the win, no injuries, and that’ll do me.


There will be a pre-Luton press conference so we’ll know more.

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Every game is a final from now on. We have city and arsenal just behind us ready to pounce. I know we need to rest players but more importantly we need to win all games. Hopefully no more injuries.
Just baffles me Chelsea has no weekday game like us.

Because they aren’t in Europe and can slot their remaining game in most weeks.

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I hope so …

Yeah with our luck and yes I know we are not the only ones with injuries, Jota’s season could be over, Jones is out for a month and Núñez …
If we are going into topmatches with the team that was on the pitch in the second half we are in trouble.

Go full strength in order to try close it out then bring on Tsimikas,Gomez,Quansah,Elliott as early as possible .


I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


Full strength. The title is on. No let up.


They play tomorrow at home against Man Utd and I think they’ll go all out to beat them. Better chance of getting a result against them than us🤞


Hopefully. as I said in the Prem league thread, that Luton concentrate on the Man U game as they have more chance of taking points off them than us which is 2 days later

Jota’s looks like a medial ligament, so hopefully not ACL or PCL