PreMatch | Liverpool vs Manchester United | PL Matchday 26 | Sunday March 5th 16:30h | Anfield

On to the next one - and a big one it is.

Would have been ok with a draw had we won against Palace but now we need a win and the three points.

TAA Matip Vvd Robertson
Henderson Fabinho Bajcetic
Salah Nunez Gakpo

Never been more sure about a lineup :grimacing:



Smash these cunts they are crap :poop::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


i still would like to see 4231
salah gapko jota
manure are expecting 433 they will be tight on salah and Nunez, our midfield has no quality and they will hit us on the break we need to adapt and change how we play

I think I’d stab my eyeballs out if Matip starts in place of Konate.

After Klopp’s grimace after whatever that was against Palace I doubt we will see him.

I also think this front three tonight will get another start.


Konate returning from injury and Matip had two clean sheets in his last two starts. It’s no like Ibou was perfect tonight.

Similar with Jota coming back from injury and I believe he was touching his thigh when he came off.

Overall I’m pretty sure that there will be two or three changes.

Matip only got one because Palace couldn’t hit a barn door.

If that’s the case with Jota then it makes sense, sound a concern mind.

There is your change in the middle…. Hendo.

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Yep, Jota is better as Gakpo and Konaté as Matip /Gomez.

Referee: Andy Madley (pictured). Assistants: Adam Nunn, Harry Lennard. Fourth official: Chris Kavanagh. VAR: David Coote. Assistant VAR: Timothy Wood.

Win against Wolves sets the table for the most critical game we have had versus ManU for years. A win makes us start to think of words like ‘consistency’, starts to haul Top 4 into reach, and gets a solid start on what will be a very tough sequence of 5 games. A loss perhaps restarts the up-and-down form this season has been marked by, and has us stumbling into that same run of 5 games that could effectively decide the season…and the Mancs know it, too. They will want to put a hurt on us badly after the past few years.


I already have the butterflies thinking about this one.

Think he’ll bring in Hendo from the start for this 1 possibly in place for Harvey and Robbo in for Kostas otherwise same team.

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We’ll win this one, close the thread now and I’ll give it I told you so in the post match thread.

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Fck Man Utd


The mother of all battles. Beat the cunts into oblivion.

I would love us to batter this scum however a win any old win will do.
I will be upset if we lose.

Man Utd on Sunday will be the year anniversary of Liverpools last penalty.


Must never have players in the penalty box?


RIP Steve Irwin


The crowd is going to be very important on Sunday. They need to be a lot louder than they were last night.

Score first and this lot could collapse. Come on Reds !

We need to re-write the narrative of this season, beating the mighty carabao cup winners is the perfect opportunity. Last night was something to build on, Hendo and Robbo in.

Definitely want Konate to stay in the side for this one, if he’s able of course.