PreMatch | Liverpool vs. Newcastle | PL Matchday 33 | Saturday April 24th 12:30h | ANFIELD

Looking forward to this game but even more looking forward to the protests around Anfield before.

Expecting many supporters to be there and making their voice heard.

But I also hope that while they are there they will cheer our players up when they arrive.



Hang on… Who said you could start match threads again? :thinking:


Maybe we can get back to actual football with a game discussed about tactics and moaning how Gini has gone backwards again.

I’d start the team on Monday bar Salah for Firmino and if Phillips is fit him for Gini

Like many other supporters I’m sitting here and suffering like a beloved person is about to die.

While that american son of a bitch of an owner is hiding in the Hamptons and getting his asshole waxed I felt like I had to do something.


Ooo… and lines, VAR and lines… :joy:

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Gutted we didn’t see any last night, mind you if I had I might not have a tv now.

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Now that all that nonsense is not happening let’s give fathead and horrible team a beating.

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Hope the fans turn up and cheer the lads into the stadium.


Oh, there is a match? Ok…


WHU v Chelsea as well this weekend

Referee: Andre Marriner. Assistants: Richard West, Derek Eaton. Fourth official: Lee Mason. VAR : Andy Madley. Assistant VAR: Matthew Wilkes.

Its almost like sides are conspiring to give us top 4 but we refused to take it. Chelsea drew last night but we could not take advantage over the weekend means we are still in 6th. This weekend, if we win we are at least 5th as Chelsea plays West Ham. If we screw up 4th, its down to ourselves.


I’m even starting to come to the line of thinking that a year in the Europa League might do us some good - it would give matchtime to some of the younger players and give others a rest. 4th is still entirely possible. In fact if West Ham and Chelsea draw and we stick a hat-full past Newcastle we could be there this weekend. Of course, that’s two big “ifs” including us actually scoring when given the opportunity.


Let’s take all the passion and fight shown over the last few days and channel it into a proper fucking spanking of a team.

Champions League is on offer, and it’s ours if we step up.

On you now Klopp and team, no excuses.


No way I want our years with Klopp here to be wasted in Europa league. CL football is a must!



TAA Phillips Kabak Robertson

Thiago Fabinho Milner


Salah Jota


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What about starting Shaqiri in this one?

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Why? He has been about as effective as the Ox when he comes on.

Shaqiri when coming off bench is good. He’s so inconsistent in between the game when started and goes into hiding most of the time whilst producing that one good moment. I would rather have him from bench.


That’s fantasy world of seasons ago. We need a lot more barn door practice for that to happen even if it is just Newcastle.


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