PreMatch | Liverpool vs Shrewsbury | FA Cup 3rd Round | Sunday Jan 9th 14:00h | Anfield

Strangest preview ever.

The FA have ordered all PL teams to play even if it has to be with youth players.

Will Klopp return?

Are Alisson, Matip, Firmino ready after isolation?

Will injured players (Minamino, Origi) return?

Which players went to isolation on wednesday and who is available?

Opponent from League One or League Two doesn’t matter they will give everything the have.

I think we won’t beat them if we are forced to play more than 5 young players with no first team experience.

We have to wait what information we’ll get today (no press conference scheduled until now) and tomorrow.

What’s the rules for this round? 3 or 5 subs? Extra time?



Have they indeed.

Forfeit the match and tell them to fucking swivel.


I want this to go through if possible. Postponing this would mean an almighty fixture congestion on the horizon. Play this if 14 players can be scraped together, put Millie in charge if there is no one else available (or the tea lady for all I care), and play the game.


5 subs. Extra time then pens. No replay. This will definitely go ahead unless we decide to forfeit which I can’t see us doing. The rules are different in the FA Cup. There are no squads of registered players. You just have to have 14 players available regardless of age, experience etc to play the game. It was the same for Villa last season when they played us.

We must have at least 5 or 6 first teamers available and we need the game time before Arsenal so I can see a mix and match team of some experienced players with a few youngsters thrown in which should be more then enough to beat Shrewsbury. They’re 14th in League One although recent form has been quite good. It’s not often we get easy cup draws so a good chance for us to progress. Looking forward to seeing us play again. Seems like ages since Chelsea.


I’ll go with forfeiting the game and telling the FA to do one. Plus, it will upset Shrewsbury’s cunt of a chairman.


Enough players without covid for this to be workable for us. The likes of Jones etc. Could do with the game time for sure. I’d like to see Gordon, Morton and Clarkson get a run out also.


Smash them. They’re shit.



It’s the FA cup against Shewsbury, just put out who ever is fit! The younger the better as long as Nat starts.

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No idea who is available on both sides but we play at home in a packed Anfield even the U18 should win that.


Don’t worry about that other fella.

His time is over.

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The last time we played a match, we beat them with 11 kids on the field. We can do it again, although I expect at least 3-4 available first team players to form a solid spine of the team.

Hard to predict who starts because we don’t know who caught Covid and who not. But I’d bet Curtis Jones will start (he got over Covid and needs game time desperately).


My issue is picking even more up with Covid and leaving us without a forward line.

Are they being tested?

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We all know which way this is going, don’t we.

~ We can’t play the game because of Covid

~ You should play the kids

~ Fine, we’ll play the kids.

~ Stop disrespecting the FA cup!


How can you disrespect the FA cup when your playing Shrewsbury?

If I understand it, the kids are having their own covid issues, so it would more likely be

~ We can’t play the game because of Covid

~ You should play the kids

~ Shrewsbury start returning positive tests next week

~ Liverpool were reckless by playing the kids when they have a Covid outbreak at the club


I like how no one has attempted a line-up prediction yet!