PreMatch | Liverpool vs Wolves | PL Matchday 7 | TBC | Anfield

After Napoli, consequences, reaction and two wins needed.

Next up Wolves at Anfield

TAA Matip VvD Tsimikas
Arthur Fabinho Thiago
Jota Nunez Díaz

Many changes which surely won’t happen. If I could pick one it would be Salah on bench.



I want too see a fucking reaction and 3 points.



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Id be dropping Trent too from that lineup, either hes very tired or he doesnt care at the moment. Either way he needs to see the bench for 3 or 4 games. Gomez although a poor game was left exposed, play him RB.

Alisson - Trent Matip VVD Robbo - Elliott - Salah Jota Nunez Firmino Diaz

We don’t use the midfield anyways.

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And Harvey is not a midfielder anyway. :disguised_face:

I’d play Thiago from the start even if he is only 45 minutes fit. We’ve got 5 subs.


I just want to see Klopp and co learning from their mistakes.

Wolves have a strong midfield. If we play the same way they’ll make us look silly. Drop Milner and Elliot, play two players who can compete for the ball and who won’t always be ahead of it.

This is the first time in Klopp’s tenure we’ve looked really poorly coached. Whatever plan they came up with in pre-season isn’t working, it needs to change.


Exactly! Start with our best midfielders available, start strong, start fast, score a few goals, and then bring on Milner or whoever else once the job is done. Surely, if they are on the bench, they can muster at least 45 minutes minimum.

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Have we two like that, I assume our options are Fabinho, Thiago, Arthur, Milner and Elliott perhaps Carvalho but I’d still treat him further forward. Unless Firmino wants to play fully in what seems his preferred position.

Doubt we will see Jones and there is no Hendo.

Hope we can get the win here.

Change of shape, change of personnel.

Get Bajcetic in there and let the boy shine, put some technicians beside him in Thiago & Melo.

If Ramsay is back fit, put him in too…Matip and Kostas 100% come back in. Nunez starts. Diaz undroppable and then its a toss up between Jota and Salah…head says Salah, heart says Jota.

I would give Diaz a break and play Jota in his place and agree on Arthur instead of Elliott, we can not keep running a young lad out three times a week.

There are options. Firmino would be my preferred one in this current situation. I’m not much of a fan of the idea of Firmino dropping back, but the idea that Elliot can play there but Firmino can’t is pure nonsense. At least Firmino is a pest to the opposition and would stay in the middle of the pitch. It might not work out, but it’s worth a go.

If not that, there are other options available. What we can’t do is play the same team and expect different results.

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Milner is not an option.


Starting lineup…

Definitely Not Joe.
Not James.
Not Bobby.

And quite a few more not to start, but alas, we need to field 11 players.


Harsh on him. Felt like a couple of his supposed mistakes were just the ball bouncing weird.

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Milner’s always an option, the man is a leader and a machine.

I mean cogs have fallen off a bit but I’m sure bit of double sided sticky tape will do the trick.

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We have to limp on to the international break, hopefully grind out a couple of wins and start again after that.

We’re not going to complete footballing reinvention in two days.


I’m hoping that we’re at the very least getting Bajcetic up to speed/serviceable as a stop-gap for a few games here and there…

I think Thiago makes a huge difference.