PreMatch | Man City vs Liverpool | FA Cup Semi Final | Saturday April 16th 15:30h | Wembley

Another huge game. Klopp showed with his lineup against Benfica how much he wants to win this trophy.

TAA Konate VvD Robertson
Henderson Fabinho Thiago
Salah Firmino Mané

Time for a clean sheet and hoping we beat them in extra time.



I don’t want extra time. 2-0 to us.

Keita for Henderson please.

City will be fucking shattered after the week they’ve just had, we should be able to overrun them.

Smash them. They’re fucking shit.


Don’t see Konate starting ahead of Matip.

Need to defend a bit better than we did at the Etihad (also tonight, though it was a vastly changed defence).

Also, we need more activity from our central man in attack, whoever starts.

City flipped their midfield structure in that last game which gave them at times a cage of 4 players against our 3.

We can’t afford to be practically with one player less in our linking phase against a side like that.


Henderson Thiago Fabinho has to be our starting midfield. Don’t see anyone else coming in there unless Klopp feels Keita can do the job.

Depends on the formation. Maybe have Henderson and Fabinho play in a more withdrawn role. Either way, We can’t lose the midfield battle like we did at the Etihad.

and Matip for Konate. Konate isn’t ready for games against City. Apart from that, the rest of the starting XI probably picks itself. Important to start positively and not give City too much time on the ball. Easier said than done but that was one of the mistakes we did in the first half at the Emptyhad , started horrendously.

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I would prefer Tsimikas

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Well, at least we have a proper ref with Oliver. We could not beat Cheaty on Anfield or the Emptyhad, perhaps we can beat them at Wembley. Klopp has to find a solution for their midfield against ours, if he can we have a decent chance to go true to the final.

This is the most optimistic I can be … :see_no_evil:


Would like Bobby playing in this game. Helps out a lot in midfield, which was lacking in the Prem game.

Can play without any fear in this game. Should be fun.


Could be another long afternoon this one, extra-time wouldn’t surprise me at all.


Our first semi-finals since 2015 :man_facepalming:

Come on reds, raise hell. :fist:


No Liverpool match is a relax for me, even at 3-0 I worry …

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Trent Matip Van Dijk Robbo
Hendo Thiago
Salah Firmino Mane


3 goals and a clean sheet for us, the only variant I will accept would be that we score more! :smiley:


While we played at home and rested key players City had a long night traveling back from Madrid and will have to use most of the players from yesterday again on Saturday. Also looks like some of them are having knocks at least.

Would be very disappointed if we don’t go full throttle at them.


Going to be in the dog-house on Saturday night, I can see these things coming. Spending the weekend with my wife’s family (all 19 of them) and they’re all almost universally vegetarian rugby fans, some of them are t-total. If there was a big rugby match on, those interested would walk to the rugby club to watch and get pissed and the late afternoon snooze would be perfectly acceptable. I’m the only football fan let alone Liverpool fan. My wife’s going to kill me.

But then I’m spending Easter with her family, pass the bottle :slight_smile:


Getting drunk with in-laws can go awry


If Keita is able to go, he is an automatic starter for me. He’s very good in both legs against Benfica and we need all the nimbleness that we can get in the midfield. Fabinho drops to the bench and Henderson plays as 6.

The cunts will come in on a worse footing than we. Ideally they would have played 120 minutes yesterday, but they’ll still be battered and bruised. We won’t get much more favourable conditions than these. Let’s make it happen.


Has done many times :slight_smile:

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Usual back 4

Fabinho Thiago Keita.

Salah Bobby Diaz.

Diaz has the pace to get in behind them.

If we could start at a freakish intensity please… minute one… up the quad reds.