PreMatch | Newcastle vs Liverpool | Sunday August 27th 16:30h

We were the only team able to beat them twice last season. Hope we can repeat.

TAA Konate VvD Robertson
Szoboszlai Endo Gakpo
Salah Jota Diaz

Not a fan of #8 Gakpo but guess Klopp will stick with it.

Jones, Bajcetic and Thiago - midfield options from bench will be looking better.



I don’t think so. Klopp’s not certain on the formation yet. They are a tough team to face at AlJames Park.

Let’s see what the situation is with the other midfielders. Looking at how strong they are through the center , going for Gakpo at #8 is going to leave us lacking.

The other option if you want to play Gakpo is go for a. 4-2-3-1 with Soboszlai and Endo in the double pivot and Gakpo in the #10. Hopefully Thiago is fit enough to boss this game if we play a traditional 4-3-3

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I am hoping Macca will be available after that shambles of a red card is rescinded.

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Don’t hold your breath.

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1-1 again!

I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel,formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


A week’s training with Endo might settle things a bit. I thought he coped OK today given that knowing what colour we play in was about the only coaching he had to go on.

I’m hoping Curtis will be git for this, if not starting, then certainly options.

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He’s not old enough to be a git.


My predictive text really is going profane, isn’t it?

I’m worried that I said Endō was like a fuck to water now…

Ibou Virgil Robbo
Trent Endo
Szobo MacA
Salah Nunez Diaz

Guessing with the date/time we’re back on Sky for this 1?

If Mac Allister’s red card is not rescinded, I would like to see Bajcetic or Jones (if he recovers) in midfield rather than Gakpo who I would prefer to have up front.

TAA Konate VVD Robertson
Szoboszlai Endo Bajcetic
Salah Gakpo Diaz

I hope our players inprove their 1st touch and ball controll and that Endo realises this is the EPL not some German league and you are not offered time on the ball.

Even Rodri got caught on the ball a few times last night against these, and it happens to Thiago fairly often as well.

It will happen occasionally if we ask these players to take the ball under pressure.


Whose Rodri?

I would guess it’s City’s.

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So of no relevance!

Rodri played Newcastle last night. He got caught and hes (arguably) the leagues best CDM/No.6.

We face Newcastle next. I see the relevance, in so much as its an indication that whoever plays in midfield will be under a lot of pressure. And its at St.James Park.

Gonna be a tough game next weekend. Hopefully Trents ankle is fine.

Id expect us to go with three out and out midfielders for this…hopefully Endo, Szbozo and Macca, but if Maccas out then any of Baj, Jones or Thiago.

Diaz and Salah to start. Anyones guess at who gets No.9. Id go Gakpo.


I didn’t really like our first game as I thought we were far too tentative once we lost our lead and missed the match yesterday, as was driving from Puy de Dome, France to the South of Germany. I haven’t seen the highlights but was wondering how we played. From the comments, we seemed to have played well, bar the first 5 minutes, which I guess this is a little cushioned/easier to do as we were at home. If we are starting to show a level of consistency in shape and attitude then that bodes well.

Early as it is, it seems the two early new signings have settled well and will basically form the basis of our challenge this year. The forwards will fire at various points so I’m not too worried about that. The defence is pretty much the same but I would question our balance on the flanks, particularly because I prefer symmetry and we are anything but that. Rounding back to the start of the paragraph, the challenge is the middle. We will challenge from there and be challenged there - particularly in terms of injuries and potentially discipline linked to how we are going to ask our mids to play.

Judging from the recent past games, Newcastle will look to exploit our usual weakness, i.e. physicality, but also along the Issac/TAA flank. If we are on it we could come away with a win but the fear is they take out Diaz early and hammer the TAA angle and win fairly easily…

Having watched Newcastle last 2 games if we continue defending the way we are we risk conceding 3 and is a matter if we can out score them .
I really hope klopp rethinks our system and try to integrate nunez ( not the 433 false 9) . As it stands i am predicting 1-3 loss hope i am proven wrong

They score 3 , we’ll score 4 :smiling_face: