PreMatch | Southampton vs Liverpool | PL Matchday 37 | Tuesday May 17th 19:45h | St. Mary’s Stadium

Thought I’ll take my FA Cup Momentum and start this one too.

High scoring win needed.



Really depends on tomorrow, if they batter West Ham then we will ring the changes wholesale, if West Ham draw or win then we will probably have to consider some regulars.


Think the side has to be pretty heavily rotated regardless after 120 tough minutes today.


Origi hat-trick, Taki hat-trick, Curtis hat-trick, and one by Bobby with every single defender on the floor.


Who cares man we just won the FA cup, play the Ox for all I care.


St Mary’s usually a difficult place for us to go.

We’ve played three games since they played last.

See a defence with Gomez, Matip, Konate and Tsmikas, with Jones Milner Keira in Midfield , Attack Jota, Firmino and Origi


Keira Knightley?

You’d love to see it.


She should be fresh

Actually by the time we play this, it might be more or less over if City chalks up another dominant win over West Ham. Might not reduce our determination to win but Klopp might then take lesser chances with players not fully fit etc


Don’t worry Klopp will get the coffee on.


Rhys Williams
Whoever didn’t play today that I’ve forgotten

This team is if Man City win tomorrow. Give everyone either a game or send off.


If City win and if the gap in goal difference is still around 9 then we have to go for it. A decent 4-5 win drops it again. Unlikely Villa can win but if they can somehow pull of an odd goal upset a thrashing of Wolves sees the job done. Anything more than a goal difference of 9 after City play today then it’s probably too much of an ask but I don’t see any point in giving City the equivalent of a bye on the final day, though. We have to make sure they know they aren’t going to be Champions simply by pitching up. Long shot, but who knows.

There are two teams. One if City get beaten, and the other if they get a win against West Ham.

Presuming it’s a City win, then we have to forget the league and rest players.


Not worth risking the CL for, mate. A lot of this squad look gassed at the minute.

If we are going into the final day needing City to lose heavily, while also putting a cricket score past Wolves, we have to be sensible with these lads. There is hope, and then there is a fool’s hope.

If city win today then we should just fuck these last 2 games off.
Full on 2nd eleven.

Yeah, that’s not happening. But the odd goal loss might hence I said about a 9 goal advantage to them being doable to overturn with a 4 and 5. Anything more than a 9 goal advantage to them after today is pushing it a bit.

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West Ham - City 0-2
Southampton - Liverpool 0-5

City - Villa 0-1
Liverpool - Wolves 4-0

That would still be enough for the title so I am not sure Jürgen would throw the towel after a narrow City win today.

But even the last optimist has to agree it’s over if City wins by more than 2 goals today.

Yeah possibly a team like this if City win by any margin.
Probably not Konate either who played 120. Bobby looked well off it to me when he came on so he could do with a start. Although I think Jurgen will try and go stronger than this even if/when City win

The harder and more interesting task is picking a team if City drop any points today. I’ll have a stab at that later if they do!

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A match made in heaven, Atkinson and Atwell. Thank god it will be the last time the first one can fuck us.

Referee: Martin Atkinson. Assistants: Constantine Hatzidakis, Richard West. Fourth official: David Coote. VAR: Stuart Attwell. Assistant VAR: Adam Nunn.

Why on Tuesday, what is wrong with Wednesday?