PreMatch | Wolverhampton - Liverpool | PL Matchday 22 | Saturday February 4th 15:00h | Molineux Stadium

Stayed away from the last few pre/in match and post match threads and not sure why I am starting this one :man_shrugging:t2:

TAA Matip Konate Robertson
Henderson Fabinho Keita
Elliott Salah Nuñez

Not going to happen anyway but my idea would be to try anything to get Mo closer and more centrally to goal.

Other stuff seems not to work out for us so why not trying to bring in Thiago, Bajcetic and Gakpo from bench in the second half.

No injuries, whining or sarcasm in my thread please.

Man of the match:
Joel Matip



What a midfield that is


Wolves again

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That CM :see_no_evil:

In the name of the father, son, holy spirit.


Nunez needs to start if possible, I would start the same team except Nunez for Elliott.
Edit, no Fabinho on the bench :pray:


That would be how I’d do it. Unless someone became miraculous fit.

I do think it would be worth trying to switch Nunez and Gakpo at times. I did note Nunez being further back than Thiago at one point. Though Thiago for me needs to sit in the two his worst position is the attacking one now, the issue is what we do when Keita needs testing. Elliott has been hot and cold in that role but it’s possible. I did suggest Firmino at the start of the season and if he was to become fit with Jota it’s an idea.

Is it too much to see one of them in team training by the end of the week, even VVD?

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I would definitely bring back Matip in for Gomez.

Potential for Milner in for Trent, but probably won’t happen. Trent had some lovely passes today, but also some weak 1v1’s against Mitoma.

Bajcetic definitely needs to stay in this one. The only one who might come in is Hendo. Could be 2/3 out of; Hendo, Keita and Thiago. Thiago is still pretty good, but I don’t want us to burn him out. Would be horrible to lose him, we have enough problems right now.

Up top, I would abandon this Elliott on the left thing. Gakpo had an improved performance (good first touch, in small spaces, combination play).

Potential for benching Salah (though probably won’t happen), starting Elliott on the right, Gakpo on the left and Nunez up top. If we’re struggling, swap Gakpo and Nunez between left and central. Benching Gakpo a little bit is also still an option for me, doesn’t need to play as much already.

When did football turn into an endless cycle of playing Wolves and Brighton? Am I dead? Is this purgatory?


Oh please do stop with this shit. Firstly, I think people have a right to say what they want provided they can back it up and if they do, you can provide your own point of view if you can back it up. Secondly, this isn’t your thread. So put on your big boy panties and suck it up.

As you were.


I will give up Klopp if he continues start Fabinho and Henderson.

They’ve got another Wolves game go re-arrange so I can see that being slipped in that cup week now.

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Also no back chatting in his thread please!

Good thing he never started with either in the last 3 games then isn’t it…

Also any of us trying to “give up Klopp” would be like trying to give up water and oxygen…impossible to even think something so preposterous.

I thought Henderson did ok, he started us pressing higher up, Fabinho though gave away possession twice and then with ended a players career tackle.
Matip back in and Darwin, grind out a 1-0 win.

Have you been away for a couple of weeks :thinking:.

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I’d take Spearing in that midfield at this rate


I was just about to post the same. This is always why I would rather not draw a Premier League team in cup competitions.

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No Gakpo? Also, I’d rather not see Fabinho starting at the moment unless we don’t mind playing with 10 men and the local A&E department are on alert.