Premier League 2021/22 Fixtures

The fixtures for the season are announced at 9am on Wednesday 16th June BST so just thought I’d start a topic for us to discuss all things fixtures here….

I think this season we’ll start away, I think the last 3 seasons we’ve started at home and as always I’m going to hope that we have a few easy games to break into our stride.

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I predict we’ll play 38 games in the league, with 19 being at home whilst 19 will be played at various other stadiums classed as being ‘away’.

Some of these games we will win, some we will draw and some we might even lose. Depending on how many of each will decide on where we finish in the table


I think that if we can finish a couple of places above where we finished this year, then that for me, would constitute a successful campaign!

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Twas ever thus… ever since offside was first invented. The referee in the middle has never called the offsides.

Simple solution is do away with offside.:wink:

Imagine how much easier life would be.

The game would be a much better spectacle without it.


No it wouldn’t. You’d have teams playing hoofball to lummoxes who just loiter in the six yard box.

Goalhangers is what we used to call them at school.

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I played hockey for 25 years and during that time they did away with offside and everyone said that would happen and it did for a season or so. There were way more goals scored but then tactics adjusted to it and guess what …you probably get less goals scored now than before.

It was going to ruin the game…but it is much better now and faster flowing.

To start maybe have a line in the last quarter and you can only be offside there. They could trial changes in youth tournaments and the like.

Don’t you dare suggest anything that will fuck up Kloppo’s high line!


Ok so back on topic

Who do you want first game and why.

Man City away.

So that Mbappé can celebrate his Liverpool debut with a hat trick against the defending champions.



Isn’t Mbappé coming next summer :thinking:

Didn’t he come last transfer window just never played

Ah ne that was his cousin Kylian BenDavppbe

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Brentford or Norwich at Anfield so that we can get a good start and have it won by the new year.


I am with you on this. Let’s get the hardest fixture out of the way…bring it on :+1:


Sure something came out before that any “big” fixtures are basically avoided on purpose for beginning and end dates of the season.

Would basically mean that this season we won’t play the first game of the season against


You can probably throw


Into that as well.

Therefore our first fixture i think will be away to one of the rest I reckon

Got a sneaky feeling Wolves or Palace away

Never look at the first batch of matches… takes all teams a few weeks to get into their stride
Always look to the run-in fixtures at the business end… Hopefully the last game of the season is at Anfield so we can parade the Premiership with red ribbons attached

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We’ve had the promoted team the last few years, I wouldn’t be surprised if we start away as we’ve been home the last few years.

Though I’m not bothered, always come on and read how we have some really bad periods and it’s usually not the period that throws up our worst results.

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It isn’t allowed to happen

From my understanding the “computer” works out from broadcast figures past what dates are the traditional high viewing dates - season beginnings, Christmas, Easter, end of season.

They also look at the quieter dates and they almost try and reserve the bigger games for these dates.

(Did you think super Sunday with the Merseyside Derby and the north London derby was an accident? - it’s planned)

By default you won’t see any glamour fixtures first or last game of season and Unlikely to around Christmas. (Boxing Day and New Years Day)

By that our opening game of the season won’t be against City, Chelsea, United or Everton.

Whereas I am not 100% certain of the sums involved it would unlikely to be against the likes of Leicester, Arsenal and Spurs.

Do you remember about a year or 2 back this came out and the “lesser” clubs being outraged that their opening game was almost a certainty against a “big” club

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I may be mistaken but it does seem like (cba checking) we often get Arsenal or Chelsea in the first three games. I could check but I’m busy working right now. As you can see.

I wouldn’t mind too much if we had the kind of start to the season that Man City had in the season just gone. Only three wins in their first eight games. So long as we start doing the business once winters sets in. That’s what counts.