Premier League 2023/24 (Part 2)

Exactly. It’s not the technology that’s at fault but the implementation.


I think the good thing about what Wolves have done is their motion includes a bulleted list of issues the current implementation of VAR has created. It reads like a negotiation to improve the process in some pointed areas rather than an outright call to get rid of it.


Implement a 30 second rule.If VAR cannot tell in that time that something was wrong ,then there wasn’t a clear an obvious mistake by the ref.



disaster written all over it…i can see it now…

‘footage is up mate, the still is there…you can clearly see a hand…’

‘times up mate’

‘but the hand…’

‘too late mate, its too late…we cant do anything now…its too late’

I would say the line drawing should be first to go.

If someone can’t spot an error in 10 it goes, also stuff like last night on that hand ball. Why are they even bothering looking.

It’s not hand ball.

Phew, my wife complained that I didn’t follow the 30 second rule, glad she was talking about var.

I can well believe it given the club is run by fucking gutless, spineless cowards.

This club should be the last club to show any support whatsoever to the whole VAR system and the corrupt PGMOL who implement it. We’ve been shafted by it time after time after time yet here we are endorsing it. Fucking turkey’s voting for Christmas.
If you listen carefully enough you can here Webb and his cartel of cheating cunts laughing their heads off.

Isn’t it already scheduled with the semi-automated offside system?

All they need to do is change it - not bin it.

The technology itself is fine but it’s when you have human involvement and hence judgement, well guess what - controversy erupts.

The solution is simple. You keep goal line technology. Like tennis and cricket its either yes or no. They accept it and move on. You also keep offside where the attacker is in front or not. Again simple. Maybe even a byline camera. Don’t let the VAR/ref determine whether the attacker interfered with the keeper. Again that’s judgement so just run with real time ref decision.

And completely fuck off the system where the referee has to walk to the sideline TV, be intimidated by the masses screaming in his face, to determine whether the hand was in a natural or unnatural position, whatever the fuck that means. Similarly when the defenders foot scrapes the striker its always a pen these days under VAR.

Has it got more decisions right? Maybe offside when its and inch here or there (except for Diaz infamous one…) but certainly just as much controversy.

VAR has destroyed the game we used to love.
I say used to, because now its an absolute chore to watch sometimes.

I can accept split second incidents get missed, VAR was implemented to capture and review those.

I cant accept split second incidents being completely ignored by referees, then a handful of officials with 100 slow motion camera angles doing exactly the same.
This happens far too frequently.

I agree with @jaffod , our club appear to just roll over and accept any shit thrown at them.

If VAR stays in its current form, I fully expect us to be shafted multiple times next season too, and our club to bend over and ask for more

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We were constantly shafted before VAR. We have been constantly shafted since.

VAR isn’t the problem. Bin PGMOL.


The technology isn’t the problem. Independent VAR officials with more transparency around decisions.

Also the ability to overrule the referee’s every card and not just make a suggestion.

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VAR actually got that one right. It was the incompitence of the users that caused the issue with Diaz’s goal being ruled out.

VAR has been implimented in other sports with almost no problem, yet football spent years dragging it’s feet and resisting the implimentation of it and funnily enough is the only sport that has seen the usage of it become a complete shitshow, could the 2 be related?


It’s NOT the VAR, it’s the scumbag sitting in front of the screen.


Shots fired by Klopp

I think they are voting about how VAR gets used because it is definitely not right. These people are not capable of using it properly. VAR is not the problem. I would vote for scrapping VAR the way it is.


This. The technology is sound, but it’s interpretation by corrupt or incompetent operators is an ongoing disgrace - especially so if you are playing against certain teams. Between VAR and the corrupt refereeing, we have been fighting a battle we had no hope of winning. Not just us either. Unless your club is Manchester-based, you’re truly up against it.


FIFA can bar a national association from sanctioning a match played by non-registrants in the host association.


You just so wrong. We would have won a lot more if we had VAR to counteract brutal decisions by linesmen and refs that have gone against us in our games, as well as decisions that have effected our opponents favourably while not playing us. At least with VAR it makes this scenario a lot more difficult to get away with, if at all.

The line is useless, they need to follow the CL style where that should a line that has height as well, so you can at least see what offside body part is. Ian Rush is glad this was not around in his day.

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The whole offside rule needs revision.

My preference is that if the attacking player’s rear heel is offside, he’s offside. All the armpit and nasal hair crap is shite.