Premier League 2023/24

I think Everton could benefit immediately from the likes of Sevilla or Standard Liege.

Anyway, I think it’s more to do with these clubs trying to protect their ability to do these kind of moves in future rather than having immediate plans to bring players in. No doubt they also believe that once they approve a temporary ban on incomings then that could spread across leagues as others push back against it.

If La Liga implements a similar ban, for example, then Man City wouldn’t be able to send players out to Girona which they’ve done many times in the past.


Given the higher return on winning in the PL than in any other league, it makes sense as owners of a portfolio of teams, they would optimize by placing the best players in their PL side. Being able to do so at nominal values will simply improve their competitive position…

how the fans of those clubs will feel about that is a rather different consideration. Obviously, that is not much of a concern for the Saudi clubs.

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That definitely makes sense on a hypothetical balance sheet, but it just doesnt make sense in a reality of these clubs having players (that dont already belong to the parent playing there on a developmental loan) that are reliably going to improve a premier league team.

I might be inclined to buy @Sweeting 's idea that they dont want a precedent that other leagues could follow that would make their outgoing loans difficult to make, except for the fact that I dont the other leagues will give a fuck about how the prem vote on this.

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Just to take Forest’s example, if Olympiakos has a PL level player, the only way it doesn’t make sense for Marinakis to move him to Forest for as little as possible is if it costs Olympiakos a CL group place. That isn’t remotely farfetched, given that Olympiakos regularly produces talent at least sufficient for their own squad. Heck, LFC has an Olympiakos youth product in Tsimikas.

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If we view this as the here and now, it is struggle to make too much sense from it as to why these clubs voted as they did. If any of these clubs get put up for sale in the near future, especially if being touted to the Arab nations, then it makes perfect sense for this agreement to be in place pre-sale

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if we’re to have any chance of winning the league, then it’s Rodri missing few more difficult games for them. They are brimming with talent, as evidenced by their attacking output in the absence of De Bruyne, and I think that Alvarez would score like a demon if Haaland was to miss a few games (not to mention the other usual suspects), but they don’t have anyone who does what Rodri does. Which is, well, everything, as you stated.

He’s already scored two winners for them this season, too, and his winner at Arsenal in 2021/22 proved to be the difference in the title race… Although I couldn’t have cared less at that moment because we had already been lagging behind them a lot.

Karen Carney’s view on the title race:

They have been champions in five of the past six seasons because they are ruthless.

She appears to have spelt “serial cheaters” wrong.


Unfortunately, Carney seems to be a bit of a git as a commentator - the kind that says things like ‘Arsenal can win this match if they score more goals than their opponent’ as if it is some kind of insight.


I think all but three incorrectly. Thankfully that Shoboszlai fellah is one of the three.

Did I get that right?

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Interesting article that summarizes the very weird state of affairs in the PL.


So, we need a strong voice to break the deadlock in the senate

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Ah but she played the game so that’s all that matters.qauú

I think of her as a female Alan Shearer…

I have long sensed the Dark Side in you.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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It’s hard to believe ManU are sixth


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6th isn’t a position to be proud to be…especially considering the gap in quality between the top 6 and the rest. Then you take into account how much they spend year on year, they should be top 3 easily.

Closer to Chelsea in 10th than they are Spurs in 4th.

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FTR I didn’t think they were that high in the table