Rangers vs Liverpool | CL Match Day 4 | Wed, 12 Oct, 20:00 | Ibrox

I am quite comfortable in my lady pants, so no chance I’m opening the City thumping, I mean thread.

Some things to contemplate…

Will the weather will match my mood or will my mood match the weather, or if there is a storm should I hold my head up high?

If we win, we are guaranteed playing in at least the EL!

Do we desperately need Diaz to be fit for such an evenly matched game?

If Trent is fit, will he be fit enough to fit on the bench?

If it was Mo that signed a contract extension then it’s true that there are body snatchers, and he has been taken, which means we need someone with a very particular set of skills, skills that have been acquired over a very long career, skills that make it a nightmare for the opposition.

My team…

Ah fuck it, I can’t cope with the mental gymnastics.


We’re gonna get battered.

Atmosphere alone will be enough for us to shit ourselves and we’ll buckle.

Close thread.


Win this and a single point from our next 2 group games puts us through. And maybe by the time the knockout rounds arrive we will actually be playing good football.


Rest Matip, Thiago and Salah (or bench him :joy: )

Gomez Konate vanDijk Tsimikas
Elliott Fabinho Milner
Jota Firmino Nunez

doh facepalm GIF by Omrop Fryslân


I think what @GermanRed has above will be very close, hopefully Jones and Andy will be able to make the bench. Give Bajcetic minutes if possible, Maybe Klopp will play Mo and try to get some form.

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Smash them. They’re


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Sorry with that midfield, I walk out of the pub looking for one without a TV.

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Need to wait for news on Diaz and Trent but I don’t think it will be good. Jota can fill in for Diaz on the left and I’m assuming it will be Gomez at RB as Ramsey will be nowhere near ready.

Three points is the main thing here but a solid performance would help no end.

A match we should win in a hostile atmosphere.

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Yeah Carvalho or Jota can cover Diaz, Gomez covers TAA, I’d start Konate but who with I’m not sure.

I don’t mind starting Jones if you go back to a 4-3-3 but that’s about the only thing I’d do if I went with that, and I’m still not sure it’s worth reverting back.


The 4-2-3-1 / 4-4-2 suits are current squad mix. It’s better that the players get used to it.


I’d bench Mo, VVD and Matip.
They’ve been awful all season.

It’s not a must win game so play someone else.

Assuming Gomez would have to go at right back, who would you have in the middle? Phillips and Konate?

If we’re serious about reaching next round of CL I’d say it is.
Based on our current form, however dropping into EL might be our best hope of qualification for CL next season :frowning:

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Most important thing is not to concede in the first 15 minutes and take the sting out of the crowd which is what the great teams of the past did in a hostile environment.
We are pretty abject right now but Rangers are an average team with no goals and no points from 3 games so far. They’ll come out all guns blazing but they have very little real quality and we should be able to pick them off.
Diaz will be a big miss, Trent wont be. I’d have dropped him anyway and played Joe at RB.

Alisson - Gomez, Matip, Konate, Tsimikas - Fabinho, Thiago - Bobby, Jota, Salah - Nunez.

Save Henderson’s legs for Sunday and give VVD the night off.

Oh yeah, can’t wait for a back 4 of Milner Gomez Konate and Tsimikas with wee Harvey coming in and scoring all those goals he has been.

This season is a write off.


Gomez Konate VVD Tsimikas
Fab Henderson
Salah Firmino Jota

If we absolutely must use the likes of Elliot and Milner then do so off the bench.

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Zero confidence in this team not to concede first again. Rangers will come guns blazing and when that happens we’ve folded like wet toilet paper.

Getting really sick and tired with their mindset at the start of the games. They need to take a look in the mirror and pull their head out of their ass. Enough is enough.