Read: West Ham vs My Reds, Sat Apr 27 12:30

There is only one way this is going to go: Joe to score.

Up the Reds. And thank you for it all, Jürgen.


For Klopp
For the players
For all the Red


For Jürgen


For Jurgen.

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Oh jolly good, early Saturday kick off away…what could possibly go wrong here.

Really struggling for a line up, another 6 changes coming do we think? Get the win to seal CL then send the lot on vacation and let the kids shine once again.

Alisson Gomez Quansah Virgil Robbo Endo Mac Grav Nunez Danns Gakpo


Play Danns, Clark maybe McConnell too. I think the one thing Klopp could have done to alleviate the situation was to give them more time, especially since they proved they could handle it. Klopp probably decided against it to protect them from a struggling team, ultimately though playing the same jaded, weary seniors did more harm than good. If nothing else, their desire and energy would have benefited the rest of the team.

Too late now to salvage anything though.

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That’s what I’ve been wondering since the United FA Cup game. I think if even if the result panned out exactly the same the kids would have emerged blameless. But if they could have provided that energy and that mental freshness things might have been very different.

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This is for the coolest Dad at Liverpool FC😎, Jürgen Klopp.
We keep fighting on, no matter what. :v:t4: :fist:t3:


Danns and Clark have to have some involvement going forward. I won’t name names but one player who went off jogged off looking like he didn’t care.

Hopefully Gakpo is back and is buzzing after arguably his last couple of performances and the birth of his child.


would be my team.

Don’t want Salah, Nunez, Slobo or Jones anywhere near it.

West Ham look like they’re on the beach too. Should be a classic.

It’ll either be a 0-0 snoozefest or a 4-4 thriller à la Southampton.

Or something in between.


Can’t particularly think flying managers over to London to discuss changes is going help a club.

I guess we will see, one thing is for sure we do at least approach this in a more appropriate manner even when we sacked Rodgers.

Well seeing as the camera only picked up 1 Liverpool player jogging off I could hazard a pretty good guess who :rofl:

He didn’t even shake Klopp’s hand, and what’s worst was the guy who came off 20mins after him walked off with a face of a smacked arse and refused to acknowledge him at all.

2 players who you’d expect to know what it means to play for the club. Shameful attitudes from the pair.

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Nice to see that you do whatever I say :blush:

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Terrible form…leagues gone, out the cups, klopps leaving…clubs in turmoil.

Im going for 10-0


We lost to the toffees … it’s all over!

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Wrong thread?

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No, just how it feels after losing to the toffees, it’s my new sig for the rest of this seasons matches. Hopefully next season I’ll get it right. :smiley:

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So we’ll have to bear with this for 3 more match threads? Why not eat some toffees as a pre match routine instead? And post some other gibberish…


Because he’s a married man.

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