Read: West Ham vs My Reds, Sat Apr 27 12:30

Well this is technically my birthday game so you better win :+1:


I made little comment about the midweek game because I thought that we had already gone in the previous few weeks. It happens with teams that are facing big changes and uncertainty. These players are special but they need security.

Would be nice to see some football being played in the last few games though…Might still be a good end to our season. Let’s hope so.

Fifteen against the Hammers with a clean sheet would worry the other two… :sweat_smile:

Diabetic so no toffees for me unless I’m hypoglycemic (I like those moments as long as it’s not too low).

Gibberish? :frowning_face:
It’s scientific experimentation and exploration I’d like you to know. Just didn’t work very well!

Btw I’m not married, had kids with someone however she went a long time ago, so I have a nice big man cave.


Which players are we talking about?
Didn’t see the whole game, and have zero appetite to watch it back

Not meant as a dig mate, just trying to be consistent with my declaration of denouncing superstitious bollocks because they failed us. And of course, joking. I thought you know me by now :grin:

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Aha! @cynicaloldgit

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I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


So a win would be a fitting birthday present…


I would formally change my birth date if we win

I’ll be honest, I really want these boys to respond by ripping West Ham apart.

burn it down Pookie.

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Yes indeed, we generally have a good record in and around it.

This is gonna be 1-0 to either team. Two teams who have checked out, no longer in europe and bith managers leaving.

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Mo Salah has been dropped from the starting lineup, as per Twitter.

It’s about bloody time we twat somebody 4/5:0.


Hopefully Nunez, too.

A few weeks back, there were posts all over the oplace of how we were the top scorers in all competitions accross the big five league countries.

Recently, we’ve been performing way under the xG, and to compund matters, the xG against has been in the other direction. That’s a huge swing.

Hopefully, it’s this game. But then again, a scuffed shot to make it 1-0 win would do. Win and then just see what happens.

An angry Mo coming on with WH tiring is all good.

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Bajcetic on the bench, great to see.



Maybe Elliot is being tried as the new Robbie Fowler natural finisher, in the middle of a front three

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