Romeo Lavia (DM/CM) Southampton

There are a few notable sources naming him as our club’s next target but I’m doing this solely because of popular demand.


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£50m for an unproven kid, who was pretty crap last season and not as good as our own youngster in the same position?

No thanks.


He wasn’t crap last season and he’s better than Bajcetic.

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Agreed, that’s why I felt compelled to reply.

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He would have come for 20M if he wasn’t homegrown or would become homegrown in future

50M is way too overpriced. Play Bajcetic instead.


Anyway, this performance against Arsenal was sensational. The video is shortened and doesn’t do it full justice, but the only other one I could find was over 9 minutes long.

Southampton completely lost control of the game after he was subbed.

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Is this really worth being such an arse about? Go to bed.


Not saying he isn’t a good prospect. But it’s just that. 25-30M and it’ll be a fair price


Good potential but wouldn’t be paying over 40m for him.

Some shitty rumours suggest we value him at 30ish million which I agree with.

I think we still need a defensive midfielder and would like to have an improvement over Fabinho rather than a project like Lavia but I’ll take it for the right price.

Give me a proper DM ideally.

I’m not being an arse. I simply can’t see why we would pay Southampton’s asking price for a totally unproven player when we have someone just as good already on the books.

And I’m old enough to decide for myself when I’ll go to bed, thanks. :+1:

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I’ve had a few drinks on holiday so I’m waffling but I agree. Southampton are in a poor position, they have a defensive midfielder who has been averrage at best and can make a massive profit to sell to us. Lavia is probably desperate for the move also.

While I’m not fully 100% convinced, they have to sell tbh and I’d take him.

Soton dont have to sell they have parachute payments on the way

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What about from the players point of view? They are not in a strong position being in the championship. Most players would want to join us with a chance of a start rather than battle it out with the championship. Probably get a belgium call up aswell

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He’s highly regarded and is not out of his depth playing in the PL.
People calling for an established PL standard DM have to realise that would cost 50/60m minimum.

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