Ryan GRAVENBERCH: 2023/24

First Name: Ryan
Surname: Gravenberch
Squad Number: 38
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.90m
Weight: 78kg
D.O.B: 16.05.2002.
Town of Birth: Amsterdam
Country of Birth: Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch

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Looking forward to seeing him play for us. My only concern is that he may not get as many first team opportunities as he wants if everyone stays fit.
Mind you, that’s a big if.


Relax my friend. There’s another 60 odd games left. There’s plenty for everyone :partying_face:

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Great start to his Liverpool career, deserves a winner at Wolves for binning off the international duty.


Dutch bosses Ronald Koeman and Michael Reiziger are not happy with R. Gravenberch´s decision to not honour his international commitments.

Sound, don’t pick him then. I hear Donny Van De Beek is a promising young footballer.


Good. Hopefully they won’t select him any more, and he can avoid getting injured on international duty.


Someone who has a fall out with Koeman for little to no reason seems sound to me.


Koeman who dropped the National team a few years back like a bad habit the moment he could jump on the Barcelona train and was fired within a year.


Fair play Ryan. More importantly than some random u21 manager, JĂĽrgen will remember your dedication to integrate easier into the team by sacrificing international selection in favour of the reds.

(I would have thought under age international football would be kinder and more understanding to its players trying to forge a career at club level)

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Glad it was that and not an injury.

Guys just moved to a new country it’s the U21s, I do think international managers need to take stuff like this into account.

And it’s the U21s , Someone who’s 21 years now isn’t going to be playing U21’s for too long. There’ll be 18,19 years old guys who can benefit from the exposure more than someone who’s played CL and won titles with Ajax and Bayern Senior teams.

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Senior national team boss Ronald Koeman also weighed in on the matter, stating that he, too, is not pleased with Gravenberch’s choice. The coach of the Oranje used the example of Bayer Leverkusen’s [Jeremie Frimpong] who is not part of the squad because he also spurned the Dutch U21s earlier, to get his message across.

“You can see that as a kind of punishment. It is the same for Ryan Gravenberch, we are not happy with him. [Director of football] Nigel [de Jong] has also been in contact with him. With good performances at the Dutch U21s, you can take the next step.”

How many midfielders do the Dutch have apart from Frenkie who are world class ? The minute Ryan shows performance in a Liverpool shirt , these guys will be all over him to play for the national team.


Exactly, why is it so hard to just be happy for the kid and grant him his wish to opt to settle at his new club without making such a fuss about it.

Do they not know what it is to be compatriotic over there? I mean you’d never find anyone here make a big who ha if England decided one day they didn’t wanna compete at the Euro’s.

Accept his decision and suck it up, it’s not like you’re short on players, you’ve got about 500 to pick from.


I’m very disappointed in Koeman and the Dutch team hierarchy for this one.

How dumb are they to not understand big picture it is absolutely critical for Ryan to work his way into first team opportunities here before he can get the playing time and career development that will make him a player who helps the Dutch team.

As many said - fine, if they are that dumb they won’t pick him and he won’t get worn out or injured on international duty.


International managers take their little friendlies and silly tournaments far too seriously.

They work about 6 weeks a year and lecture players who play every week what they should be doing. Shut up.


Ex-bitter manager, remember?

As an American of Dutch descent, whose first footy love is the Oranje, watching with Grandpa, I say…Ronald Koeman can do one!


Got a few mins off the bench to start his LFC life. :clap:

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