Ryan GRAVENBERCH: 2023/24


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Looked a bit knackered in latter part of the game. The talent was obvious though.


I was happy with what I saw.


Redmen tv man of the match

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MotM was van Dijk, an other excellent performance today like so many this season.

Yeah, certainly not MOTM. At least 4 or 5 who’d be in ahead of him there, and as Dutch said VVD was the best player on the park.

Has good feet and a good turn of pace to get away from people. Sloppy passing apart from an excellent cross for the goal. Didn’t do much out of possession.

Promising enough, but no need to go overboard.


All Dutchmen look alike.

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A much more talented Gini Wijnaldum!

Think the main thing he has that our midfield has lacked is an ability to play in small spaces, control the ball under pressure and advance up the pitch. I swear last year we were screwed so often by Hendo or whoever losing it in those areas

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Yeah that seems to have been a focus with our recruitment. Mac Allister, Gravenberch, Szoboszlai are all good at it - Jones and Elliott from last year’s survivors too.


I’ll take a 7/10 performance from him every game he does play.

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I’ll take that any day!!


Basically what @Notasuperfan said…a better version of Gini, with the additional ability to advance the ball up the pitch where Gini usually passed it to someone nearby after coming out of a pressure situation

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Too early to call him that imo. Gini was immense for us


I’d love to know how he feels about his spell at Bayern and whether its failure weighs heavily on him. Against LASK, he played like a kid with a point to prove - but still a kid. That eagerness might have led to a few overhit passes, which was about the only issue I had with his performance. That’s why I expected him to mess up that cross for Diaz but I’m pleased he proved me wrong, it was a beauty.

Other than that, I liked to see him get stuck in, draw quite a few fouls but what impressed me the most was his ability to control the ball under pressure and change direction so quickly that it leaves his marker in no man’s land and with no other choice but to foul him. He doesn’t strike me as a player who likes to sit deep, though, I think his strengths are best utilised further forward but we’ll see, it’s still too early to pass judgement on his future role.


He’s a #8. Proper Box to Box. I think the intent for Klopp is to think that he can do away with a #6 , if there are three #8’s there.

I was pleased by his post-match interview, in which he admitted that he was sloppy at times. If he has the ability to assess his performances properly, he’ll likely improve.


an 8

“#” is included.

How do you pronounce #?