Sadio Mane (LW) to Bayern

Pearce, Jones, and King all saying Sadio wants to leave. Figure thats a strong enough quantity of journos for his own thread.

If he goes i wish him well, absolute legend for what hes achieved here. When we signed him i had huge doubts but im delighted to have been wrong.

Bayern are gonna have to stump up more than 30 mil though.





I’d prefer Mane to stay and sign a deal, rather than Salah stay and leave for nothing. Because if Salah has intentions of leaving for nothing next year I’d be annoyed and his relationship with the fans would dwindle considerably.
If he had signed an extension and then Mane said he wanted to go and pursue something different, then that’d work with me.


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When you think about Mane, what’s the first thing that springs in your mind?
  • His smiles
  • His work rate
  • His celebrations

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What a fucking weekend. Looks like a nice day for the parade - cheering me up a little

Do we think Gnabry is good enough? Apparently available for £34m. Sadio also quoted in below article

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It would be sad to see him go. Klopp’s first big signings iirc. Helped a very different team into a top 4 finish before the likes of Salah and VVD came along.

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Him copying Bobby’s celebrations


I misclicked. Wanted to vote for celebrations. Those spinning kicks he did influenced by Firmino always made me laugh.

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Having Diaz for the second half of the season and seeing how well he’s settled certainly softens the blow of this and takes a bit of pressure off finding a replacement.

Diaz, Jota and Carvalho is a solid trio for that LW slot. With Salah, Jota and Firmino (Minamino too but not convinced he’s staying) able to play CF I wonder if we might look for a RW type. Someone who can deputise for Mo, allow him to play centrally sometimes and potentially have 12 months settling in to replace Mo full time if he walks away next summer?

Would make the links and rumours around the likes of Raphinha, Bowen, Antony a little more plausible.


Not suprised the quoted amount was bull.

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Diaz Jota Salah
Carvalho Firmino Minamino

Is this going to be our go to option next season?

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Thanks for all the memories Sadio & best of luck to you at Bayern.

Liverpool legend without a shadow of a doubt.

He moves on, we move on.

I think because they let us have Thiago for 25m last season we’ll accept 30-35m for him unless we can do a swap deal with Lewa ^^


Me seeing the news be this developed that we started the thread

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No it’s been clearly reported we will sign a top class replacement.


I’ll miss his brilliance.

He’s been our best attacker in 2022 and is a constant threat no matter who the opposition are.

People acting like we can easily replace him are deluded.

Please not fucking Bayern and nothing under 50 million.

What a shit week.


Am gutted, not gonna lie. What a shite 7 days it’s been for LFC fans. Thanks for the memories Sadio :heart:


Don’t even think the best of liars could convince themselves of lying that’s its been anything but a bad bad week for LFC.

There has been a positive though…and that’s the signing of a hot hot talent in Fabio.


When did we become a charity?

No create a bidding war, this could have all been kept silent but it was leaked throughout last week by Bayern with a garbage price.


So basically Carvalho and Diaz in Mane and Origi out based on our options last season.

I know your trying to create tension but it’s not bad and I expect we will be looking for another option when we sell.