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Was there a big announcement in the end?

I think it was this:


May 2021 - introduction of genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida and Texas

Mar 2022 - 2.4 billion mosquitoes released

Jun 2023 - Malaria cases in Florida and Texas

I like the writeup here:

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IF this is true, absolute game changer.

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Now we’re getting somewhere :slight_smile:


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Love the idea of scientists racing to prove something. Give them 6 months… I’d have it done in 20 mins, granted it might be wrong but at least we’d have progress!

From the article and why stuff takes longer than 20 minutes.
In the past few weeks, euphoria over LK-99, a different material that scientists in South Korea say is a room-temperature superconductor, swept over social media, although much of that excitement has since calmed after other scientists were unable to confirm the superconductivity observations and came up with plausible alternative explanations.

This would be the final nail in the coffin for Twitter/X


Throwing away $45 billion like it’s nothing :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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With rampant, unregulated artificial intelligence, combined with climate breakdown, mankind is soon going to be facing two existential crises.

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be a lot more than that. how about this scenario.

as we move towards a digital currency, you’ll soon notice that everything is becoming a tap pay service. this is established by RFID readers. which are being scanned on every RFID-fitted bus, every purchase with your bank/credit card with tap pay. buses are now being fitted with GPS-enabled video systems which have 24/7 active 4K 60fps recording on board AND outside the bus. so if you’re parked illegally (no parking zones have GPS fields programmed into street routes) the bus will flag it in the system. if the next bus goes by and the car is still there, it will send a fine to the driver. you won’t even know it’s happening.

on school buses, your kid will have a RFID tag on his bag which will send the parents a text alert when your child gets on/off the school bus, with the location of the scan. so if your kid gets off the bus at the wrong stuff, parents will know immediately.

This is a line I have a lot of issues with. It isn’t AI, it is but an application. It is it’s application that is potentially an issue.

The messaging, even from those that mean well, detracts from the real danger, which to me is the empowering of large companies and institutions to maximise on what AI offers. If a government is on it’s toes (…) then there will be regulation to guard against the obvious worst applications. Basically, large institutions/companies want one thing, profit margin increases, which normally means greater efficiency and in most instances have less employees. Where are the soon to be unemployed to go, what is their outcome beyond that of the ship builders, coal miners and bank clerks?

Was there any learnings from the IT boom?

Clearly governments have a plan…

sarcasm may not come across


Yeah: to accept as many brown envelopes as possible from the giant companies who stand to benefit the most from the new technology.

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who do you think is collecting the fines from vehicles parked in bus lanes?

here’s a hint, it’s not the local municipalities

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who here is proficient with technology like Google Meet, Zoom, etc?

once upon a time, I was actually using Twitch to stream my desktop to a FB group where I was able to use a web login to stream local hockey games so one of my family overseas could watch it. Since Covid though, the development of some of these webmeeting softwares could be decent for a closed group to watch certain broadcasts over private meeting software using screen capture.

Got me thinking…I suspect the free versions of this software are limited by time and number of users.

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Well, we use Microsoft Teams for showing international meetings. I expect that would work but I don’t know if there is a free version that would.

MS Teams is free isn’t it?

I think there is a free client for when customers don’t have access but I don’t think there is a basic version as there was with Skype. Or if there is, it is likely to be missing some of the more useful features.

TeamViewer also had some capabilities for that but I don’t know what the free version does these days (they went a bit rubbish a couple of year ago. I don’t know if the Man Utd sponsorship had anything to do with that!)