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Was there a big announcement in the end?

I think it was this:


May 2021 - introduction of genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida and Texas

Mar 2022 - 2.4 billion mosquitoes released

Jun 2023 - Malaria cases in Florida and Texas

I like the writeup here:

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IF this is true, absolute game changer.

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Now we’re getting somewhere :slight_smile:


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Love the idea of scientists racing to prove something. Give them 6 months… I’d have it done in 20 mins, granted it might be wrong but at least we’d have progress!

From the article and why stuff takes longer than 20 minutes.
In the past few weeks, euphoria over LK-99, a different material that scientists in South Korea say is a room-temperature superconductor, swept over social media, although much of that excitement has since calmed after other scientists were unable to confirm the superconductivity observations and came up with plausible alternative explanations.

This would be the final nail in the coffin for Twitter/X

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Throwing away $45 billion like it’s nothing :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: