Scottish Football

Celtic players and fans celebrating a late winner at Aberdeen like it was Champions League final. Stadium about a quarter full.

It must be so boring being a Celtic fan. Can’t buy a win in Europe yet pretty much nailed on to win the Scottish Pub League every season. The standard is truly dire.

Manager now doing a Klopp in front of the fans :roll_eyes:

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Why are you talking about Citeh in the Scottish Football thread?

Whenever Rangers or Celtic play away they always seem to have more fans than the home team which is bizarre to me.

Was a nice hit by Mcgregror tbf in what was a totally one sided game and the win which more or less guarentees the league.

More to do with a team defending for 90 minutes against a team trying to keep the gap at 9 points not to give rangers any false hope.

sending best wishes to Craig Gordon,

hope it isnt too serious and you have a speedy return

Watch: Scottish Cup - can Aberdeen stave off shock exit to Darvel? - Live - BBC Sport
losing 1 nil at the moment.

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FULL-TIME Darvel 1-0 Aberdeen

What a win for Darvel!

The sixth-tier side have taken a Premiership scalp - and they thoroughly deserve it.


Tbf Aberdeen never stood a chance against DC and Marvel combined.

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Was a great game.
Fantastic performance from Darvel.
Proper football match, tough fair tackles, and not a fucking sissy in sight

Probably shouldv’e been 19 mins into the 1st half…when they were already 2 down.

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