Serie A Discussion

Why would Gasperini leave Atalanta for Napoli? Unless it’s one, possibly last go at a really big club, he’s better off staying at Atalanta and keep building on his legacy there. Especially with them in the CL (finished 6 places above Napoli) and having more stability looking at how they’re ran.

On the other hand, I think Napoli can be really happy with getting Conte at the moment. They lost their path a little bit after their title winning season.

As always though, the problems at Napoli are largely of De Laurientis’ making. So here he is hiring a high priced coach who will demand things from him he is unwilling to give and surely fall out with almost immediately, because he’s backed himself into a corner over his treatment of his last successful coach who he had been unable to adequately replace

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Barella signs a new deal with Inter until 2029.