Should GermanRed be taken off match thread duties?

Is not worth living.


Someone still his eggplant stash.

Quick: someone start the Brentford thread, just to piss off @GermanRed

Lol, that’s such a cruel thing to do, so….

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He will be pissed drunk? Think he was at this one.

Jekyll & Hyde of halves, this match. Tough to watch the start, there was no flow and yet somehow we didn’t get scored on. Just couldn’t move the ball up the pitch with Trent tucking into midfield. Once he started playing high (like young Bradley does, and he used to to), we got some joy. Subtle hint there, Trent.

Hopefully he recovers soon, we will miss him. Maybe a run of form for Bradley can continue next week, take his mind off things once he is ready

I don’t care what time it is in BANGladesh is. We need a Cup final thread soon.

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Huge responsibility on whoever starts this one.

I think maybe we should come to a rational decision here, maybe a little bit of deliberation and not rush into anything…

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I think @Iftikhar started all the League Cup match threads.


Leave it to nifty Ifti


What happened to you last night? Don’t need details if it’s even remotely kinky :face_with_peeking_eye:

That’s @PeachesEnRegalia territory.

Andre The Giant No GIF