Takumi Minamino (FW) to Monaco

Wish the lad well, both trophies this year owe a lot to him. Always works his bollocks off, never complains.

Deal is 15 mil euros in 5 installments apparently


Isn’t this sum significantly lower than the one club was reported to be looking for? Five million euros less if journos are to be believed.

Less than the amount we’ve been asking from the English clubs for sure. Still more than we paid for the lad though, and a decent return on someone who only starts a few games a season.

Of course the journo could also be wrong

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Nice move for him, if true.

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Sky was reporting up to €18m with add-ons.

Other reports were for higher fees, but no way of knowing if there was an accuracy in the first place with them.

Sometimes I do wonder though with some of the recent exits if it’s less about getting as much money as possible, and more about what the player wants.

Gini, Salah, Origi and maybe Bobby get to walk for free. Mané gets to go the club he wanted and we didn’t drag it out with a bidding war hoping to up his price etc.

And now Taki gets to live it up in Monaco.

Regardless, I wish him all the best. Was a key player in the cups this season.


Shame to see him go.


Bloody hell, that was quick!

Think he’ll smash it in the french league - biggest inhibitor to his progress here has been his lack of physicality which should be less of a problem in France

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Didn’t seem happy at the end even with what we won. Needs more games. Hopefully does well. Physical league also

that escalated quickly.

the usual suspects GIF

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I guess his place will be taken by Fabio.

Sadio - Darwin
Taki - Fabio
Div - ?

Great business, was a big part of our cup success. Best of luck Taki.


Where would you like to spend your winter? Monaco or Leeds?


Never really got going for us, good luck to the lad in France

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Luis Díaz

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Then it’s:

Sadio - Lucho

Taki - Fabio

Div - Darwin