The all-new NFL Thread

Here’s the place to discuss all our shoulder-pad wearing favourites. All are welcome… even Cheatriots fans. :rage:

In that case… Go Pack Go :football:

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The mood for the padded professionals over here is a bit muted. Even in a normal year, it takes a bit for people to realize that a new season has come (with temps still summery, outdoor activities, etc), but this one has seemed to have quite a bit less notice.

Could be that people who would normally travel/attend games, now cannot. TV hasn’t really pushed it either. It will be a totally different world for the production—empty stadia, lackluster NFL hierarchal fan communication…any number of reasons.

I had forgotten that Opening Weekend was here until someone asked me about it. Just not feeling the NFL this year. See if that changes.


wanted the eagles to trade carson wentz instead of extending him on a massive contract. rarely been more irritated at being right, he’s regressed to a stunning degree. my man joe burrow is the real deal though

edwards-helaire from LSU was made for reid’s screen game, his KC teams have always started well but they are looking extremely impressive

now that i’m out of pittsburgh it’s easier to admire that organization. roethlisberger is a scumbag but when he’s on the field he’s elite

I might be wrong, but the impression I always got was that it didn’t really generate much hype or interest publicly until Thanksgiving, then it really gathered moment through xmas and into the playoffs

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It’s amazing how far he’s fallen; even his fundamental mechanics have regressed. Still, I’m not an Eagles fan so… haha.

yeah it’s obvious to the untrained eye. you’re a rams fan iirc so perhaps you saw the INT he threw in the end zone against them–his front end flew open and it looked like a pick before it even left his hand. his mechanics are a mess, no attention to detail, doesn’t set his feet on those ‘smoke’ screens and consistently throws behind the receiver–high school kids make those throws. obvious indictment of the coaching staff. it’s a cliche around here to say he misses frank reich’s coaching, but what other conclusion can be drawn? he’s gone from a world-beater to average to a liability

only chance of foisting him & that contract on somebody else is the colts reuniting him with reich and having him take over from rivers in a year or two, but doubt they’d even be interested

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For the more casual inside viewing public, that is a fair assessment. However, for spectators and full-on TV fans, it revs up almost from the start. And, once September gets going (mid-month usually), it gets more attention.

This year has been such a mind-screw, it has been difficult to get any real enthusiasm. May take some time to get that back.


here for an esoteric semi-victory lap over the australian former rugby player jordan mailata, who was drafted by the eagles as an offensive tackle in 2017, and actually had to play last night

he struggled with stunts, twists, and recognizing blitzers, and had a killer false start shortly after coming on, but overall he was pretty good. consistently won in one-on-one pass protection and moved people in the run game. not just better than the 38 year-old jason peters, but better than the kid from washington state who they drafted too imo

prescott threw for another 500 yards but the cowboys lost again, to the browns. not sure why or how their defense is so bad. vander esch is hurt & byron jones left, but still

Bills fan here…it’s been a long time since we were any good…still waiting for someone to pull the rug out from under me. Is Josh Allen really actually good? :cowboy_hat_face:

Bills have Christian Wade stashed on practice squad…don’t know much about him, other than he played Rugby at some point, and looked fairly explosive during preseason last year. It’s a weird deal, I think he’s on some exempt list, so he will be with the Bills all year, but can’t play. I guess it’s next year a decision has to be made about what to do with him.

the question was always about allen’s accuracy, there’s general skepticism that it’s something that’s develops dramatically during a professional career. through four games he’s completing 71% of his passes. teams will adjust to certain things they’re seeing and take away some of the easier throws they’re scripting for him, but it’s hard to put a four-game stretch like this down as a blip

allen was even more raw than wentz when he came into the league, even though he was more experienced. but he’s even more athletic and has an even bigger arm, and unlike wentz, his accuracy as a passer is trending upwards


You were saved by the refs in week 3.

But I like the Bills; they’re my second-favourite AFC team, after the Ravens, and I really hope that they do well.

Haha, got screwed on the interception though! Never in a million years.

Nice to see Jackson tearing league apart. He’s the qb i wanted when we got Allen.

Here’s the ‘interception’ that was upheld after review.

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Brady had a touch of florida man stupid against the bears last night,he forgot how to count to 4!

Hands up everyone who predicted the Raiders putting up 40 in KC…

Glad to see k.c getting beat.Miami battered jimmy G and the 49ers but the biggest thing from yesterday was that injury to Dak Prescott that was horrible to see.

Ouch Cam is sucking like a Hoover today,defense has played well but absolute gash from the offense.

One decent drive from New England,2 picks kept them in with a chance of a win but horrible offensive effort,not a great week off field so might be an excuse.Also noted Boston seems to have had alot of Tampa Bay games on telly could be coincidence or Brady effect?