The all-new NFL Thread

@cynicaloldgit as you know I am unemotional, unbiased, and level-headed. But are da Bears having the greatest draft of the modern era?

No. The Rams are.

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I assume you’re saying that because da Bears drafted the best punter since Ray Guy while not needing to ever punt again.

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Meh, i get it. They gave that 35 yr old 50 mil guaranteed this year (and at least another 50 next year), which sounds like they think they are on the verge of winning something. They had a premium pick… and got a guy to back up the guy eating a huge chunk of their salary cap. Had their pick of best defensive player available…

If they liked the QBs in the draft, why sign Cousins? If they like Cousins (and the contract says they do), why draft a QB?

Saw someone describe it as cheating on your wife while on your honeymoon, and thats what it looks like to me lol. If i was Falcons fan I’d be furious.

Side note: the kid the bills picked, Coleman, is way more charming and endearing in front of a microphone than i was expecting. I hope he’s good.

Ok, I buy the argument that if a team thinks it is close to winning that its a bit of a wasted pick to go for a project that high rather than someone you think can help you win now.

But what I still dont get is the confusion over why they think they still need to plan for QB. Cousins is 35 coming off a season ending injury that many players never recover from. They’ll have done well to get a full year from him. So why pay that much money? Well, because good QBs are rare meaning when one is available you either have to overpay for them (as they have done) or take one in the draft when you find one you think might be NFL starting material, even if you’ve got other things to address.

It is a weird atmosphere with NFL QBs. In most other sports players want the best players available on the team and in competition with them - they may not be best friends but every good player helps you win and you want those guys in your locker room.

You often hear the “You know Liverpool are going to bring in top players every year” line in interviews with current players when we sign new players.

QBs however never want any competition. They want the worst possible backup (how else does Nathan Peterman continue to get work) and no pressure on them at all. When the team starts future planning past their incumbant, almost 40 year old starter he will invariably throw a hissy fit and try to get traded to another team with no competition.

It’s not even like Kirk Cousins is a great QB. He’s someone who has struggled to stay above the Mendoza Line for the last 10 years.

Closest footy equivalent is probably goalkeepers, whose ‘confidence is being undermined’

Yeah doesn’t take much for everyones favorite player to be the unseen backup qb, and then that’s all media/ anyone will want to talk/ask about and the starter begins to look over his shoulder and wonder when he’s going to get hooked. It’s coming for Kirk. One bad game and crowd and media will have daggers out, and locker room might as well.

I think it is actually a smart approach, bring in a talented young QB and give him time to learn the offence. The only thing that makes it awkward is the relatively high draft pick, but it is really not that dissimilar from what the Patriots did with Bledsoe and Brady.

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“Tiger wish he could” :joy:

He’s not the one I’d have drafted but all of the sudden everyone in Buffalo loves this kid. I hope he’s good, he’s very easy to like.

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Rams @ Bears. Sunday 29th September.

Will @Alright_Now_Legend go into hiding after the Teddy Bears get stuffed?

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Why would he need to do that?


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You are welcome to fly out and experience my hospitality before we road trip to the game. I will be wearing my new backordered Odunze jersey on top of my new Caleb one on top of Walter’s.

What a time to be alive!

Claws up, bear down, @cynicaloldgit.

See you soon!

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