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@gasband saw this and thought of you!

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I doubt they could afford him

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I would hate the idea of selling out my talent.

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Yeah but can she do it on a cold night in Stoke like our own @gasband can… not even a seagull in sight on any of her drawings :0)

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I do it especially well on a cold night because I use a part of my body which she does not have, to draw. Not sure whether there is a term but I can probably call it ambitesticlextrous


So derivative @gasband! A 70 year old Aussie going by the name ‘Pricasso’ has been at it for years:


He is trivializing it by going onto a show while I insist on keeping it as an art. Small canvas he is doing it on but can he do it on the ceiling?

For all any of us knows… he could have painted it on a post-it note :0)

Only you have a captive audience. :roll_eyes:

I think its time for me to monetize my talents, art needs money to survive. So who is interested to invest a few million in my art?

I can offer 900 dollar-adoos

Hmm… this thread seems to have disappeared down a very bizarre rabbit hole. :thinking:

Could you do USD. The AUD has been weak against the SGD. I need more money for my special skincare regime for my Ambitesticlextrous drawings.

I thought you were giving me most of your horse-ouvre series and I was going to find some buyers at 500k a piece and we were splitting the profit?

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If I were you I’d stick to drawing male cows. Then when you sell them for mega money you can tell a real cock and bull story.

Are you the art equivalent of heartless football agents?

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So you want to choose who buys your art now?


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