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So sorry you had to read @PeachesEnRegalia 's post


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wait, what?

is this place meant to be enjoyable?

Its all bonkers on here! :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


But majority of times fun, funny …


Just me and Gasbag. I’m scared!

The obsession with me,…

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Looks like the Dream Team is online.

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Anyone else completely fuck up their internet tonight and have to spend the last few hours doing a factory reset on 8 nodes so that the missus doesnt wake up in the morning and kick you in the nuts because she can’t work from home?


Just me?

Alrighty then.

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How do you do this?!

Think you may need to label your ‘on-off’ switch.

I accidentally did a factory reset on the parent node…like a boss…

Then it took me an hour to figure out that the Linksys app wouldn’t reconnect to the child nodes coz of some permissions snafu.

I’m actually gobsmacked I’ve managed to figure it out. Time for a glass of red and some sleep.

I’m even too tired to have a wank.

i think TAN has just peaked…

all downhill from here…

@PeachesEnRegalia sort your mate out!

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Sorry you had to read that @Maria

Just channeling @PeachesEnRegalia

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this is why I don’t believe in that mesh network. went with a Cisco powerline and our wireless router is pretty good.

Oh the Canadian infrastructure discussion has been moved here?


Otherwise known as…“Semmy - Everything I have is bigger, faster or better than anything you have”.

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I drive a Hyundai. think you have me misunderstood.

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Oké that is it for me too. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the insults as someone who has Portuguese Jewish roots I got in the Middle East topic and being called a paedophile.

I don’t feel welcome anymore or at home.

I wish most of you well.

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I dunno, rude people complaining about being insulted?

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