The Cricket Thread

Was looking at the squad earlier and I don’t think the batting looks particularly strong, but any team with Root, Bairstow and Stoakes will always be capable of putting on a big score. The bowling looks problematic in my opinion.

Already lost Archer for the summer. Anderson, Broad and Woods whilst great bowlers aren’t a trio you would bet can great through a 5 test series, leaving you with Jack Leach, who lets face it, seems like a nice guy, but would probably be as scary as a 3 day old kitten.

Someone always has to come and suck the fun out some pommie bashing by bringing logic and Englands greatest player into the mix :wink:

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Archer should definitely forget test cricket. Earn his money in the franchise leagues and play the world cups.

Foakes being dropped is an absolutely ridiculous decision. Apparently all that talk about backing players is only relevant to a certain Kent opener, can’t think why.

I always think of Micah Richards when people say 5-0.

God knows why maybe he is the pundit where logic and common sense doesn’t come into it.

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Let’s not get ahead of ourselves :sunglasses:


“Pundit” is from a Hindi word which means teacher or expert at something.

Micah is only expert at that ridiculous whiny guffaw of his.


Would you be interested in £10 to charity on who wins the Ashes?

Sure, bring it on

£10 to Brain Tumour UK for me, what’s yours?

Battersea Cats & Dogs Home will be mine

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Sean Abbott providing some decent Friday night entertainment there. 100 from 34 balls equalling the Blast record.

Averaged 11 in T20s with a high score of 41 before this evening. Madness.

Just batted for an hour for a solid and game changing 3. Saw off their openers though :slight_smile:

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You are Geoff Boycott and I claim my five pounds.

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I’ve never understood why people get so upset when a batsman decides to dig in and protect their wicket at all cost.

It may not be sexy, but if the bowlers aren’t capable of drawing a batsman out, then they need to reconsider their tactical approach and field placements