The Cycling Thread

I ride from West Wickham to Whitechapel for work, 21km. Get abuse from time to time, mainly from pissed off young blokes for some reason. PLENTY of near misses but doesn’t feel dangerous, I always just assume everyone is a shit driver and go from there.

Australia is exactly the same, imo.

Thing is, I have ridden a fair bit in Italy and it felt like another world. I guess the way the culture feels about cycling does have an impact. I am planning to ride a bit in France next year, will be interesting to see if it feels the same.

This is the golden rule. Tbf I’d say 90% here are fine but I always assume they’re all gonna do something stupid.

Strava is great for finding country roads with fewer cars

That’s probably why. Tons of young men with something to compensate for, racing around in their piece of shit fartmobiles.

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100% agree I’m just really wary of it now. My road choices are far more limited now too. At least I can go mountain biking but commuting by bike was something I always found fun.

For me it’s drivers have generally become a whole lot more impatient nowadays, and that’s along with cars being far quicker etc too. That’s a recipe for trouble real quick.

Speaking of the Daily Heil…

Yep, that’s the story I saw and was looking for. The comments section is both comedy gold and frightening.

And being honest, the design of that cycleway is um… well, a disaster.

Not sure if this is the right thread or not… Can easily be moved across if needs be

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Cos you were shit, love. Nice attempt to monetise your tears with the right wing press though

Big final competitive stage (time trial) in the Giro today.

Guilty of not watching enough of it.

I hope you saw the finale.

Epic finish, even if G lost.

Incredible drama.

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After managing to put the curse on GT I then missed it all.

I am an idiot.

Watch a replay…

It was deadset amazing.

And I love G. His response afterwards confirms he is one of the best blokes around. Shame it had to be him.

Roglic had been similarly very magnanimous in defeat at Le Tour.

Always him though. Honestly can’t think of anyone as unlucky or at least the nearly man as him in sport.

Mentally I don’t know how he continually picks himself up, especially as cycling is as cruel as it is.

FFS his palmares includes a TdF and he’s also won a classic, four major stage races, two Olympic golds on the track and national road and TT titles!


Why so angry?

How many times has he crashed out of Grand tours etc. or played the obedient domestique?

He’s had a great career, not denying that, but the amount of times he’s had to pick himself up after disappointment is astonishing. And to his credit he always does.


Not angry, simply crazy to call that palmares one of a ‘nearly man’.


But what has he done for me lately?

We all know Richie Porte is really the unluckiest cyclist there is.

And Cadel lost the 2007 Tour, to a sneaky drug-cheat, no less, by 23 seconds.

Since Aussies never cheat I see that as the unluckiest moment in the history of the universe.