The Cycling Thread

Yeah and apparently it’s the queen stage tomorrow that Jonas had targeted to gain time… Will be interesting if Pog and Yates want to try something crazy tomorrow but wouldn’t be surprised to see him wait until last 10 ks and try and regain 30-60 seconds there (whether he can or not after TT shellacking is a other question).

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UAE is the strongest team so must hammer down tomorrow.

According to the official classing Jumbo Visma and Ineos are stronger.

Haha, this sounds something like the FIFA official rankings. Watching this year’s Tour UAE seems the best team going uphill. Pog often has good lead riders while Jonas’s boys hang on to his wheel. Ineos also seem to have good climbers but don’t have a GC contender at this point so are irrelevant to tomorrow.

Don’t think he has a choice at this stage, but Jonas has had an answer to everything so far. Can’t see him losing more than 10 seconds

And so it looks - no long range crazy attack from Pog but surely he’ll give it a lash if he’s got anything left (he looks spent but maybe hes bluffing…)

Pog dropped. Jonas wins GC.

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How good is 2024 gonna be???!!!

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Could be Pog’s legs just aren’t right bc of his rehab work. Too much time on the stationary, not enough on the road. Still, he was pretty damn strong for two weeks.

Pretty amazing. In the usual hyperbole of today, pundits were calling him the biggest talent yet. Nevermind Indurain and others. Now he’s beaten two years in a row.

Pog b2b, then Jonas b2b…

Looking forward to seeing which 11 year old wins the next one!!

Can Gall take the stage - downhill looks technical…

Gall must take it but the gradient is BRUTAL

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Wow so Jonas puts 7:25 into Pog over the last two stages! May be just the incentive Pog needs to prioritise the Tour next season!

UAE are now above Ineos in second place to Jumbo-Visma.
I haven’t seen enough this year however A Yates is ‘better’ than Kuss but after that it’s quite even after the team leaders.

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Just read an article that says he is starting to look himself, but still a long way off it.

I would be gobsmacked if he could compete with Jonas or Pog.

Onlookers have likened a new bulging cycling helmet to something out of Star Wars, while others just think it’s plain ugly. But a leading cycling team hopes that its futuristic-looking design will lead to a “big improvement” in time trial performance.

That is as long as the design passes a review by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), cycling’s global governing body.

Team Visma-Lease a Bike riders debuted the large helmet at the Tirreno-Adriatico prologue in Italy on Monday. Manufactured by Giro, the Aerohead II helmet has a sizeable front end and is almost as wide as a rider’s shoulders.

Although the outlandish design has prompted comparisons to stormtroopers and aliens on social media, Visma-Lease a Bike hopes that it will make riders faster in time trials

So fucking ridiculous.

No more so that what’s proceeded it. Probably allows the rider to have a better neck angle, be less restricted and therefore push higher watts?? Something the likes of Fabian Cancellara with his flexibility had in previous generations will become more commonplace?

Darth Vader Power GIF by Laff


The last 30kms of this race are just brilliant.

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