The East is Red

This thread is for Reds living in East Asia, i.e. China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Koreas and of course Japan.

There was once another TIA Red in Japan but he or she seems to have disappeared. It’s surprising that we don’t seem have many, or any, Reds from China. There must be a few out there. Maybe the thread title will entice a few to show them selves.

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I have a number of friends in China and HK and Taiwan who are Liverpool fans, in fact the fanbase is very sizeable but my Taiwanese and Chinese friends don’t really join such forums because their first language is not English, at least that’s what my friends told me


I expect that’s true for a lot of Japanese LFC fans too. I know there is a Liverpool Supporters Club in Tokyo based in an LFC themed bar, but it seems that the members are all Japanese and probably aren’t confident about expressing themselves in writing in English.

I know that even very well educated Japanese have difficulty in doing that.

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That is a fair point, but I always found it strange that Japanese - especially the younger generations often speak excellent English, but struggle with writing in English.

Let’s take a detour off the topic, shall we!

I think that the Japanese aren’t/weren’t too comfortable to communicate in English. This is perhaps a reason they didn’t dominate like the Chinese are doing now? I know that the Chinese government were very insistent during the 1990s that the younger generation are not just competent but also comfortable communicating in English.