The Film Thread

The Revenant was in TV last night so watched it again. Been a while.

Such a brutal film.

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Falling Down for movie night yesterday, so, so good :slight_smile:

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For me nothing comes close to Infinity War and Endgame.

Great movie but a bit too much for me

I should watch this one again. I liked it when it was originally out but I always thought it was a bit of a cop-out in that it turns out he has always had psychopathic tenancies and eventually snaps due to societal pressures, rather than being someone that society had created in the first place. It’s the sort of film that I think Clint Eastwood would have been suited to directing.

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Agreed. Watch it again and we can break it down.

The number of times Glass should have died but didn’t is ridiculous.

That’s the point of the film though (and the factual story on which it’s based)

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I can believe it and why I haven’t watched it again since I first saw it shortly after it’s dvd release.

Much easier this time round and I was able to appreciate the performances etc. in it.

Still an incredibly gruesome and “heavy” film though.

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Didn’t know that it was based upon a true story.

It’s not, it’s a bear faced lie down :wink:

It is based on the story of Hugh Glass, who was abandoned after a bear attack and crawled, then floated on a handmade raft, to the nearest fort.

I get you what you mean about it seeming unrealistic though. They make some unneccessary changes. One of the changes made by the movie that makes it seem so unrealistic is the weather. The bear attack happened in the late summer/early autumn so he would not have been crawling through ridiculous amounts of snow or wading through freezing rivers with open wounds which absolutely would have ended him. The story of how he got to safety is impressive enough; no need to embellish it


Leo did his own grunts though

He fucked the bear. I heard Cruise is known to fuck his bears as well

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