The Film Thread

I watched Dream Sequence over the weekend. It’s a weird and wonderful experience. Nic Cage is such a confounding actor to be able to seemingly relish doing the terrible, easy money grab while still being able to deliver such interesting performances in such a worthwhile film.


Don’t remember ever watching a film like What Happened to Monday before, very original and creative. Certain adds it’s place into the whole dystopian sector.

Enjoyed it profusely. Rapace nails it.


I just saved you the trouble. It’s ok… Sort of. First hour and a bit is ok, I was enjoying it, then I felt it seriously goes down hill when McGregor came into it. It just went stupid at that point. I don’t think he had to act that much.

Shame to be honest. I’m also not convinced Gyllenhall was the right person to play Dalton either. He doesn’t look like he’s got the look of someone who has a tipping point and is constantly at war with themself over it.

Watched that last night, based upon your recommendation, and really enjoyed it.

Thanks. :+1:


For a guy who is not far off being 100yrs old… Still quite sprightly eh.
Seen here with his wife, now who is going to claim the £5…?

I know the answer but don’t need the fiver.

Gene Hackman

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That’s the guy :+1:… see the mods for your £5 reward :0)

Ooohh, might watch The Conversation tonight in his honour

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Stop making fun of Biden.

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It’s not 2028 yet :grin:

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In the Shadow of the Moon

It’s an interesting premise and it starts off promisingly enough with the mysterious deaths that appear random at first until you discover more of the story, but lost interest around the midway point mainly because it involves someone who comes back from the future and doing things repeatedly.

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Michael Fassbender is one of the most underrated actors of all time.



And he should have James McAvoy starring alongside him in every film he makes!

A very good actor, not a very good bloke. Maybe why he doesn’t get the accolades and has been out of the limelight for a little while.

Really liked the latest Wim Wenders Film Perfect Days. It’s about a toilet cleaner in Tokyo, a profession which is criminally under represented in film.
Nice music too.


I’ve always felt actuaries also miss out. Why don’t more films delve into the working life of an actuary? Who would doubt “The Pension calculator” has strong movie franchise potential? Also “Reinsurance Remodelling with Gary” just screams Oscar material.

Embraces his inner Magneto?