The Film Thread

Really enjoyed Love and Thunder. Second favorite of the year so far, though there are quite a few big hitters I haven’t seen yet. I’d be surprised if it drops out the top 5 by the end though.

Watched Kajaki (kilo two bravo stateside). Another dramatisation of a true story. Worth a watch, I enjoyed it. If that’s the right word for this kind of film.

MCU is slowly but surely becoming a steaming pile of garbage, a symbol of the times in a way. I never expected it to churn out true cinematic masterpieces but I still hoped it would have more rewatchable, commercial hits. Unfortunately, it’s now a product for the masses rather than focused commercial pop-art like Star Wars (which I dislike but I accept the original trilogy as a game-changer for film industry). It’s a shame because there’s stuff like The Winter Soldier, Daredevil and Punisher which I liked very much.

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Three reasons. First, the directror. Unfortuntely, Taika Waititi introduces too many comical and “current” elements into the show. It disrupts the otherwise (fairly) good plot for an action/super hero movie.

Second, the introduction of the multiverse concept. Yes, it is part of the comics and the films, having exhausted almost all avenues on Earth (one cannot keep destroying parts of Earth right…), should be moving in that direction. I just find it very hard to follow the film these days with this concept in place.

Third, referencing elements of drama on Disney+ in the film. Again, part of Disney’s strategy to gain market share. However, I do not have the time to watch the dramas before going to the movies. Neither am I an ardent fan to make time to do so.

If this continues, I think I would lose interest in the films soon.


We’re in a very strange place in the entertainment world right now. In the US the traditional tv model is dying, but at the moment is still very profitable. Everyone understands that streaming is the future, but just no one is quite sure what it will look like and the battle for shape that answer is costing these companies billions. HBO Max is generally considered by most to be the safest long term bet but is still losing half a billion dollars a quarter. Disney’s operating losses for their streaming service was about 50% higher still. Those are the waters Disney is trying to navigate, and understanding that with the acquisition of Fox they have the deepest library of content, they seem to have made the bet that they can diminish one of their currently popular brands if in the short term it gets them to front of the pack in the streaming wars.

But this is one of the benefits of the comics. Over time there will be portrayals of characters done differently according to the writer at that time (and the publisher?). I think the Marvel movies are in some way trying to capture that variety.

Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. Is it a comedy or romance or action?

That’s true. But my sense is some directors try to force things too much. I prefer that the directors/producers stick closer to the original character if adopting more current developments would require quite drastic changes to the script.

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Finally got round to watching Midsommar. A good film. Florence Pugh is a talented actress - was about the only part of the recent little women film that i enjoyed too. One to keep an eye on. Midsommar gave me Wickerman vibes - the original one not the Nic Cage one.

Rewatched Marriage Story. A well told film with very strong perfomances all round. Worth a watch for any who havent seen it. Laura Dern steals the show.

It`s a love Ryan Reynolds movie or the the Wrexham massive will come round and fuck you up.


Rewatched The Ballad of Buster Scruggs last night.
Its a near perfect piece of work by the Coens.
I had forgotten the brilliance of Tom Waits in this, a one man show…
Glad to revisit such quality.


Everything Everywhere All At Once :heart_eyes:

I dont know Ive ever seen a film that lives up so completely to the positive reviews. I think it is likely to be the Marmite of films, but if you are of the group who like it you will absolute love it. It’s smart, funny, weird, sweet, Michelle Yeoh is still fabulous even at 60, and is supported by some brilliant performances. Most importantly though its got something to say.

I cannot recommend it highly enough but think most people will hate it.

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Me Time

Basically 100 minutes of Kevin Hart being Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg being Mark Wahlberg doing their silly shit in this predominately party/celebratory film.

Saw this last night and really enjoyed it. I’d say you have to be a fan, but who isn’t?

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