The Film Thread

Try to watch it last night but turned it off after an hour, chaotic shite IMO.

Enjoyed Boston Strangler on Disney+

Not perfect by any means, but it lived up to expectations, which these days with a lot of films is all you can hope for.

I’d give a second vote for Boston Strangler. Nicely paced and decently scripted murder mystery. It still works even if you are familiar with the case.

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Watched this last night.

Interesting plot :rofl:

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Goodbye everyones childhood


Reviews of John Wick 4 are that it’s spectacular.

Keanu Reeves Gun GIF by John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum


Is it better than John Wick 3? I found the violence in that one to be gratuitous and unpleasant.

Obviously it’s an action film but I do like something resembling a plot.


Haven’t seen it yet, trying for Sat night but there’s some dumb family shit in the way. Something about Jnr playing the lead in a show……

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I don’t think the John Wick series is the place to look for a storyline. Only saw the first one but I didn’t think it was particularly good - I’m one of the odd ones out though. Most people seem to regard them very highly.

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I’d say it’s a hugely character driven film that has a lot of action in it. There’s little dialogue from KR but in the immortal lesson of film, show don’t tell.

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John Wick is outstanding.

I don’t care for plot or much character development in a series like that, it’s stylish as fuck and has brilliantly choreographed fight scenes.

It’s an all out action film and it does it brilliantly. I’m not a huge fan of action films generally but the likes of John Wick and The Raid are the business.


This for me. We’re killing strangers and that nightclub track/scene in the first one really hit the bullseye for me. Loved the little cameoesque roles with john leguizamo, Dean Winters, David Patrick Kelly and Clarke Peters popping up. Nice touches with the doorman Francis. The Continental with lance Reddick and Ian Mcshane.

Didnt enjoy 2 and 3 anywhere near as much as the first though so not in any rush to see 4.


deadwood GIF by HBO

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Never seen one, but I’ll give it a try.

Northern Soul
Available on BBC IPlayer for the next few weeks… Not sure if it is any good or not yet :man_shrugging:


Watched it “online”

Well skipped through it…there’s garbage films and then there is this.

Cocaine Bear was much better :joy: